Chronic TE - regrowth after > 10 years

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    Hello - I wanted to share my 'success' story here because I have often visited though never posted over the last few years and am so grateful for the support here. I'd tried everything, from unsympathetic specialists to supplements, with zilch effect. I know that hair isn't everything but....well, you know how it is :(

    My hair started thinning noticeably in my early 40s, I'm now 55. Until about 5 years ago it was bad and getting worse, but not really bald. But then it got much worse. My hair never fell out in clumps, it was more continual, and the hairs got thinner, very dry, until a year ago it was like crispy straw (and I'm a natural redhead so it looked just delightful, and I developed acne too!). By now doc said it was 'just part of the menopause' and also part of my mild hypothyroid condition, and 'just live with it' - and chose to forget my ten years of TE before all that. Docs have no idea of the misery such dismissive comments can cause, do they ....

    Over the years I'd had a few bouts of stomach pain that I put down to being 'not so good with dairy products' but last year I suddenly had awful stomach pain identified as gall bladder probs. A month later I had my gall bladder removed - it turned out to be in a bad way. Surgeon said it could quite easily have been 'building up' for over 10 years.

    Literally the morning after my gall bladder op my hair was no longer dry - I was amazed (hadn't been thinking about my hair for once!). Just a week after my op I noticed tiny tufts of hair on my crown - and started to wonder. Now, 8 months later, hair has grown in over my entire scalp, most now about 4-5 inches long (about 8 months growth) and strands started thin but now thicker. I no longer have to pin my hair up or backcomb it to cover the bald bits - it's back.

    Ladies - if you have any problems with digestion, stomach pain or just have the chance - get your gall bladder checked out, make a fuss and get an ultrasound - it could just be that's what triggered your TE (of course, it might not be). I had no real indication until it flared up - but my hair (and skin) were trying to tell me. Good luck and best wishes to you all.
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    Congratulations on your hair regrowth. I'm so happy for you! Glad you are feeling better as well.
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