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    I just wanted to come and write my hair loss story. I am currently 25 but my hair loss started in 2012. I had bouts of depression and was on Nuva Ring. I had so many blood tests done and even my doctor sent me to an Rhuemotologist (even though I had no other symptoms besides a slightly higher ANA around 150 and the Dr. said some people just have a higher ANA from a past infection but if you have an auto immune disease it can be MUCH higher like 10's of thousands). She found nothing wrong expect low Vitamin D. I decided to get off the BC and go to a Naturopath. She prescribed Progrestin creme. At this time I had cystic acne and my hair loss was getting awful. She also found out I was not ovulating with all my cycles. But lo and behold one month later I wound up pregnant. My face cleared up and my hair looked amazing. I ended up miscarrying a month later which sent my hormones into a tail spin. I then got back on BC the generic for Ortho Cyclen but continued to have hair loss. I finally went to a derm and they prescribed me spriolactone because they said that I had telogen effluvium. I have been on it for probably 6 months and while my face has cleared up beautifully my hair loss continues to worse and I bought a wig to feel more confident. Also I am prescribed wellbutrin and mirena. The wellbutrin didnt seem to increase hair loss and the mirena I have been on for about 2 months and I haven't noticed an increase in shedding.

    I think I may have some sort of hormonal imbalance or thyroid. But every time I get blood tests they tell me nothing is wrong. I have hair loss on my father's side of the family but my mom and sister have beautiful thick hair. I should note between 2008-2010 I had severe anorexia and got down to 116 at 5'10" Now I am 145-150. I eat very healthy, take plenty of vitamins, do not drink. I am not quite sure what to do. I go back to my derm in May and will ask for some blood tests. My regular doctor cannot be concerned with it and other than the hair loss I feel fine. I had a full physical a year ago and everything was good. Any suggestions besides more blood tests would be good...I am hesitant to go off the wellbutrin because of my severe depression and the mirena when I seem to do better on that the pill. I should mention my thinning is at the top of my head near the back and diffusing to my sides. Thanks for any suggestions. I am hoping to wear the wig and just that maybe it will grow back in the mean time. I also am doing Nizoral and may try rogaine soon. Thanks.
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    If you are suffering from hair loss problem then there are number of ways by which you can get rid of this problem. A lot of products are out there in the market which can treat hair loss effectively. Other than these products there are many natural remedies to treat. Most of the products are usually made up of chemicals and therefore they can have a lot of side effects. So it is go for something which will have natural ingredients. You can use the natural elements for hair loss home treatment. But before you choose any of the treatment you must know the actual cause.

    Hair loss is not caused due to a single reason. The treatment is different for the different reasons. So to address the problem you need to find the root of the problem. If you lose hair at an alarming rate then the condition which will finally arrive is that of baldness. So if you want to avoid this condition then you need to take certain measure. You can use the home treatment. This kind of treatment method is safe and do not have any side effects. The first thing which you can do is message you scalp with egg yolk which is uncooked. Leave it for at least 1 hour and then wash it.

    Other than this you can also soak some fenugreek in a deep pot of water all through the night and then the next morning message your scalp with the liquid. Then you need to wrap you scalp for at least 3 hours. You can do this everyday at least for a month. You can even message some olive oil into your scalp. This will also help you to reduce hair fall.