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    I've previously written post on my success with 200/mg Spiro, Yasmin BCP, and Nizoral 2% daily shampooing but there is something I noticed and wanted to share and possibly get feedback on.

    I have FPB that is the result of hormone sensitivities. I had lost about 50% of my hair and until I read Dr. Redmond's book "It's Your Hormones" I thought I was doomed to live with this problem. Once I started the above protocol my hair loss stopped completely and I had significant improvement in texture and volume. Then I stopped taking Yasmin for 4 days so I could have a cycle that's when the trouble began. I was taking Yasmin continuously for 3 months and then planning on stopping 4 times a year for 4 days, as per the book. Well I stopped for 4 days and had a "cycle" then started taking Yasmin again. After 2 days on Yasmin my hair started to shed like crazy. It was everywhere. I just wanted to cry because it reminded me of the months where I lots so much hair. Anyway this lasted for about 6 days and then started to tapper off. It has been 2 weeks now since I restarted Yasmin and I am back to having no hair loss and my scalp feels healthy again. So what I've concluded is that I cannot have any estrogen fluctuations without it affecting my hair follicles.

    Of course, all this motivated me to do research on continuous BCP's and stopping for a cycle. Well as it turns out the "cycle" from stopping the BCP's is not a real cycle at all but a "withdrawal bleed." BCP's were actually designed on a 21 day cycle for psychological and religious reasons only. Anyway I have decided to take Yasmin continuously without stopping for a cycle at all, ever. I am 41 and have 2 daughters so stopping for pregnancy is not necessary. In my research I found a woman who has been taking BCP's for 10 years non-stop and she is now 46. So I figure if I take it for 10 years that will put me into menopause and I can then switch to a bioidentical estrogen.

    I realize that balancing hormones is not everyone's problem but if this is your issue maybe this information can help. It was so scary thinking that I had to deal with hair loss again. But fortunately I have found help with Yasmin, Spiro, and Nizoral. There are so many medical treatments available, we really don't have to live with hair loss if we can find a doctor willing to help us and experiment with different treatments. I wish you all relief from this dreadful experience. If anyone has anything to add on continuous birth control I would love to hear what you think or what your experience has been.

    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. May peace be with us all.
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    Hello thanks for this post for me its actually the opposite whenever i get my period on the pill i shed almost nothing at all what do you think that mean?
    I would appreciate your help :) thanks
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    Hi Katt,

    I really don't know what to think about less hair loss on your cycle. If I come across any information related to your situation I will be sure to post it here for you though. Female hair loss is such an individual, complex problem but totally treatable in most cases once we know what our reason for the loss is.

    What have you been doing to help with your hair loss? Are you already on BCP's? Just curious if you've tried any of the treatments available. It's sometimes difficult to get a GP knowledgable enough to help. :)
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    Hi Dharma well right now ive been on BC for two months (yasmin) for my PCOS because i wouldnt get enough periods. I also take zinc, iron, omega 3, B12, Vitamin D and a multivitamin daily :D i noticed that my hair doesnt shed as much since ive taken the zinc but im not completely sure :eek: Thanks for the reply :D
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    thanks for the info!

    I too read Dr. Redmonds book and my hair loss all started after taking a progestin only birthcontrol pill for a year while breastfeeding my son...I've been off that pill for about 8 months & STILL have TONS of shedding...BUT I just started spiro 2 weeks ago at 50mg a day and I just started taking 100mg a day once I get my blood checked in 2 weeks my dr will bump me up to 150mg a day but she said no more. So I'm also on Ortho cylen to help grow my hair back. The hair loss has not stopped yet but I'm hoping to report back after 4 months with success. I do think starting the ortho cyclen has helped sprout some baby hairs but because the loss is so great still I see no improvement.

    I am too continuously taking bc for hair loss, with no period but I do have spotting.
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    Diane 35

    I wrote a while back about having some success with Yasmin BCP until I stopped for a few days. To update, the Yasmin didn't seem to be working very well or at least not enough that I felt satisfied with the results so I switched to Diane 35. It's only been 6 weeks of continuous use but my hair loss has slowed down to almost nothing and my hair seems fuller too. I am taking 200mg spirolactone, Diane 35 continuously, and Nizoral 2% shampoo daily. Diane 35 is kind of my last resort so I really hope for continued positive results. I have yet to find any woman who has not had success with this BCP and hair loss. I know it is not suppose to be good for you but I also know it has been around since the 70's and lots of women have taken it long term. I originally had some side effects that I didn't like but they are subsiding. I'll post back again in a few months to update any progress.
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    thanks for info

    I really appreciate the detailed info u gave to help with your sucess. I just have a question as to when (how long) it took to see your hair shed being reduced or stopping? I'm 1 month into spiro & my hair still sheds like crazy...need some inspiration:)

    My derm does feel optimistic though as we're seeing hair growth & wants to see me in 6 months she doesn't feel like she needs to do blood work to check potassium. What do u think?
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    Hi NoraBe,

    Are you on a birth control pill? I started down the treatment path back in Spring of 2009 with just 100 mg of Spiro the name brand (I've heard it works best). My hair loss was bad by that time but it became way worse with the Spiro. The one regret I had was not starting right off with BCP and Spiro because I think the increased estrogen would have helped with the initial shed I had on spiro alone. Actually if I had it to do over I would have started with Diane 35 and added spiro if needed. My thinking at the time however was take the least amount of drugs in the beginning to see what works. Looking back I don't think it was the best decision. Anyway around May of last year I upped the spiro to 200mg and added Yasmin BCP. I had positive results with in a week. I was good until I stopped for a 4 day cycle in December 2009. Once I went back on the Yasmin my hair started shedding within a couple of days, not alot but more than it was before stopping for a break. I honestly can't afford another major shed. I have very dark, medium long hair and I am fair skinned so my scalp shows really well with the hair loss. Toppnik helps. Anyway that's when I decided to switch to Diane 35. My dr. said she has seen success with this treatment as well. I've been taking Diane 35 for almost 6 weeks and my scalp finally feels normal again. No tingling, burning anything. I can see an improvement in my part as well. Keep in mind I was pretty happy with Yasmin at 6 weeks too, lol. I'm hoping this time it is a solution. I will be taking Diane 35 continuously. No breaks at all. I hope I can get away with this treatment until I reach menopause at which time I'm not really sure what women's choices are with hair loss issues. Hopefully they have a cure by then. Fingers crossed.

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    I started taking Mircette birth control in Sept but I think it had too little estrogen for me so I started ortho cyclen in October before I even tried spiro but it never stopped the shed I gave it until December when I started the spiro. But I started seeing lots of baby hairs growing all over my head at the beg of this month which is 3 months into taking ortho cylen.

    My derm feels optimistic & wants to see me again in 6 months.
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    Well that sounds really promising. It's so nice to see any improvement isn't it. I now have lots of those little sprouts too. They seem minituratized however. I'm hopeful though. My sides are really starting to grow in also which is nice. For the past year they have grown in and fallen right back out but I don't seem to be loosing the short hairs anymore. I take that as a good sign. It seems like the combination of the spiro and the BCP is necessary for hair to regrow and stop falling. I still have some hair loss when I shower but it's not substantial. It doesn't concern me (only about 5 or 10 strands). I know alot of people say you loose up to 100 hairs a day but honestly I never use to loose any that I ever noticed before the thinning started. My hair was always very long and dark so I would have been aware if I was loosing 100/day. Anyway I'm glad to hear that you are seeing some regrowth please keep posting if you have the time because I think it is really helpful to other women who are experiencing hair loss. My heart goes out to the young women especially. I am 41 and feel blessed that I have had hair all this time. When I read about a 21 year old going through the same thing I just can't imagine how difficult that must be for them.:>:>
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    Nora, I know I am not a doctor but I would advise you to get your blood work done. I'm surprised that your doctor wouldn't recommend this. I believe you mentioned in another thread/blog that in all her years of practice, she had never seen anyone's potassium levels come back too high. Every person is different though
    .The only thing my derm is cautious or worried about with being on spiro is my potassium levels. He said as long as they stay normal, being on spiro indefinitely should be fine.
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    I'm really glad I came accross these posts- I was just put back on Ortho Tri Cyclin- I was on it for 8 years, then about a year after I was off it I noticed shedding- probably about 50 hairs a day. It's not as bad as some of the people's on here, and I did have alot of hair- but I'm starting to notice a little bald patch at my crown which is freaking me out. I was told I have high DHEAs not caused by anything in particular (I've had ultrasounds, bloodwork, CT scans, you name it).
    So my gyno put my back on Ortho- I've been on for 4 weeks and no change. My endo did mention spiro but I figured I would try this and see what happens first. After reading these posts, I'm not so sure. I go back to the doctor in two months which would mean I would have been on the BC for three months- which seems to be the point where I would know if it worked. Should I wait out these two months- or make an apt to talk about spiro now? Thanks for the advice!
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    I am going to get my blood checked. My dr checked the potassium at 50mg but I reminded her that now Im at 150mg of spiro. So she gave me lab work but I guess I'm wondering if I need to get it checked periodically...

    as for high DHEAS I think spiro would definitely help & not just birth control pill alone. I guess I will find out in a few months if spiro has helped me. Going into 1 and a half months on spiro & my hair is still very fragile & comes out a lot after shower & if I tug on sections of it it will come out. I do know that hair goes in cycles...only time will tell if this is my answer. Learning to wait paitiently.
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    my potassium was at 4.2 which is in the normal range & I don't take any multi vitamins with potassium in it...I will ask for more blood work in a few more months...

    my shedding is down to 10-15 today which is GREAT!
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    Hi Dharma R u still here?

    Okay so I've seen numerous success stories on here & other sites using Diane35 on hair loss and am seriously considering BUT how do I get a hold of some?

    I live in the U.S. and apparently it's not prescribed?

    I'm off everything right now & trying to figure my next step. Seriously at this point I just want my shedding (literally fist fulls of hair EVERYDAY) to stop falling out. If I just keep the hair I have that's great. I just want the shedding to freakin stop!

    I'm desperate and will try for at least 3 months to see what happens or even 6 months like I did with spiro (which didn't work for me)

    SO I'm back to square 1...

    backgroud: I'm 34 years old and lost my hair from going on a progestin (a horrible on) pill for A YEAR>>> if I can only go back in time.....BUT I can't so my next step.....
    thanks for listening.
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    Hi NoraBe,

    I am still here and still using Diane 35 continuously. It has made quite a difference in my hair loss. I am going tomorrow to see a naturopath however to see if he can help me get off of both the spiro and Diane 35. He specializes in hormone balance, fingers crossed. I don't think I'm getting the benefits from spiro and sometimes I wonder if it's not making things worse. Mostly though I'm tired of being tired. I want off of the Diane 35 because I have developed 4 brown spots (they look like age spots) on my arms and legs and because I just don't trust it in the long run. It weights heavy on my mind taking all these drugs. I have a little 5 year old daughter and a 20 year old daughter and I get afraid that I am taking something that is going to harm me. I'd rather be bald and healthy than the alternative. Like you I'm at a crossroads. I am glad that my hair loss has almost stopped however it is still on my mind every single day. I guess I am looking for a more permanent solution that doesn't come with health risk. If that's a topper or wig I'm closer to excepting that. Right now I'm still believing there is a better way, a more natural way.

    I am in Canada so getting Diane 35 is easy. My doctor prescribed it but I've read several post of women who purchased it at online pharmacies. Just make sure it's the real Diane 35 not a generic brand as I don't think it's as effective.

    I read that you stopped the spiro. Has your hair loss increased since? I lost so much hair on spiro I wished I'd never tried it. My crown still hasn't recovered from the initial shed that spiro gave me.

    I will post feedback about my experience with the Naturopath. I hope if you decide to start Diane 35 it works for you. I had success within a month. If I wasn't getting the brown spots I'd be willing to stay on it longer. Not everyone gets them so I wouldn't worry.

    Take care,
    Dharma :>
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    thanks for getting back to me...yes my hair shed has increased although I didn't think it was possible...I now fill a plastic ziplock sandwich bag A DAY with my hair. I actually told my mom today and she's going to send me to her dr that helped stabalize her hormones, although she's never had hair loss. My mom is 60 and looks 40:) So it felt good to cry finally and get it off my chest. I feel like I'm not alone but I'm not ready to tell anyone else...BUT I still haven't given up hope...I am going to get my blood work done next week then take those labs to the new dr...please keep me posted about what your natural dr says!

    Thanks AGAIN!
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    Hi Dharma, read your posts & sounds very inspiring! I have a few questions for you. How did your naturopath appointment go? How long have you had hair loss? So you were on 200mg spiro plus yasmin? My doc said yasmin has same effect in it as spiro so she would only prescribe 150mg spiro with yasmin.

    So, you had success with the spiro & yasmin & nizoral for how long? did you experience any regrowth? What made you switch to Diane 35? I'm trying to decide whether to try just spiro 200mg & nizoral 2% or to try both of those plus a pill (either yasmin or diane 35..although I live in the U.S.).

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have! this all started for me soon after I turned 22yrs old & have just turned 25! Ugh! Have you heard of any other women who have had success on a regimen similar to yours?
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    Autumn I can't really advise you at this point as I stopped all treatment just over 5 weeks ago due to a deep vein blood clot from taking Diane 35. I also ended up with pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) as a result. I guess I knew instinctively that my health was at risk as I went to the naturopath the week before all this. The naturopath said that he treats alot of women who loose hair due to hormone imbalance and most recover. He thought that I did what was necessary and it probably helped while my hormones were trying to rebalance. He recommended I stop spiro immediately and slowly come off of the estrogen by using bioidentical replacement estrogen for a couple of months after I stopped the BCP's. He thought that my hair loss was a result of using too much natural progesterone cream which is similar to coming off of BCP's. He said I probably lowered my estrogens. Obviously, with the occurrence of the blood clots I didn't have a choice and had to stop all treatments. I will never be able to take an hormone replacement again (not that I'd want to). I will say that the Diane 35 seemed to be working. I don't think the 200mg/day of spiro I was taking helped and maybe even caused my hair loss to worsen. If I had it to do over I would have started with BCP's or bioidentical estrogens then added spiro if necessary. I started with spiro and lost a tonne of hair. Anyway after what the doctors (specialist included) have been telling me about BCP's and blood clots I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Apparently the 3rd generation BCP's, yasmin, yaz, etc, are the worse yet. At least with Diane 35 you are provided with the warning. I knew there were risk involved I just hoped it wouldn't happen to me. So it's been 5 weeks with no treatment except Nizoral shampoo daily. The 1st two weeks my hair loss increased and I had lots of scalp sensations. I was preparing for the worst however the past 3 weeks I have noticed a tonne of regrowth, zero scalp sensations, no burning, itching, etc. I have absolutely no hair loss while shampooing and nothing throughout the day either. My sides and part are filling in faster than I could have hoped for. It feels like I no longer have an imbalance. I feel emotionally really stable as well. I realize that hair loss after taking BCP's and then stopping can take a few months to manifest but I feel hopeful that I'm on my way to recovery and that won't happen. I truly believe that the spiro kept my hair loss going.

    There are a few posts on here of other women on the same regiment who didn't develop blood clots and regained their hair. One posting was by a lady named Bonnie but she was using Rogaine for men too. She had a lot of success with her treatments. I wish I could say go for it but I could have died from taking the Diane 35 therefore I have become biased to the use of bcp's. I never did think they were good but now I know what they can do to a healthy women's body.

    Naturopath doctors can help balance hormones too if that is your underlying issue. I felt very confident in the one I visited. I wish you all the best.

    Dharma :>
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    Hi Dharma, oh my I am so sorry to hear about the blood clot! That must've been very scary! I hope you are feeling better!! Thank you for the reply. It's so hard trying to figure out what to do. What do you think it was about the spiro that negatively effected your hair? Is/was your testosterone ever elevated? Mine is & so need to get that down...spiro & bcp was recommended by doc. Hmmm...