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    Also, do you know what the naturopath has done to help the women w/hair loss? Who did you see if you don't mind my asking?
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    Hi Autumn,

    I guess all we can do is follow our instincts and if you trust your doctor then do what he recommends. Everyone’s hair loss is different and there are different treatments as well. I think spiro works for lots of women but for me it increased my hair loss and never stopped the loss on it's own. Only when I added bcp's did the loss stop. So I concluded that the spiro was unnecessary because bcp's will increase estrogen and helps lower testosterone. Some women, maybe you included, do need an anti-androgens. The naturopath never went into detail about the treatment plan for balancing my hormones because he needed me off all hormones for at least a month so that he could check my levels through a salvia test which he said was the only accurate way to measure hormones. Anyway he did mention it was all natural. I live in Canada but if you seek out a naturopath that focuses on hormone replacement and balance you hopefully will find someone who can help you. Maybe the bcp's and spiro will help too if you decide to go that route. The nizoral 2% shampoo daily really works well to.

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    hey nora be...i am new here...trying to figure out this whole hair loss thing. I see these posts have all been awhile ago..but yours caught my eye. so i hope i figure out how to get your message if you do message me back. I had breast fed my baby till he was 19 months old...and i was on the same bp you where. i had saw all my friends go threw the post partum hair loss.mine did that to it is just mine just continued. I just got off that pill and quit bf 3 months ago.Like i said i did it till he was 19 months old. did not think i wanted to get back on a pill beings i would like another one. but my hair loss is out of control. i am in tears and do not know what to do. do you think it was that pill....what have you did and where is your hair at now with the shedding. Please help me with some answers. I am terrified. the derm. told me he did want to do anything until i have another baby. i am jsut terrified i will not have any hair left by the time this happens.
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    Dharma2 update??

    Hi there I am New but not young :O) I have delt with the Blood clots but not due to the Pill.Either way Dr's will seldom touch me with any medication now :O((
    Just wondering how it went with the natrual path????? I also live in Canada
    Thanks Bunches Sandy
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    Natural Approach


    I also live in Canada and have been going to a TCM doctor (traditional chinese medicine) because I won't use chemicals or any product that poses a health risk. I have had great success and have quite a bit of regrowth to date. At christmas I have pictures where my scalp is shining and now when I look at pictures I can see a big difference. I can no longer see my scalp and my part has returned to a normal size. My hair is healthier and fuller than it has been in years. I highly recommend seeking out a doctor who specializes in natural medicines, I only wish I had gone sooner!
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    Diane 35

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum, although I've been reading it for quite some time. I have been loosing my hair for just over 12 months (it seems like longer than that though). I have been diagnosed by a dermatologist as having Andogenetic Alopecia that was triggered by Telogen Effluvium. Just last week I started taking the BCP Diane 35 as a treatment. However, I have since noticed increased shedding. Just wondering if anyone could share their experiences with Diane 35. I'm wondering if this increased shedding is normal.
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    I totally agree with this. What chinese medicine you used. Please shate