Cortisone Injections in the scalp?

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Elissa, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Elissa

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    Just curious is any of you have tried them and if they work. Also-- are they suitable treatment for any type of hair loss or only certain types?

    (At Thanksgiving dinner last night, my cousin's girlfriend who is in med school studying to become a dermatologist mentioned them to me and I hadn't heard of them. Yes-- the topic of hair loss even comes up at Thanksgiving dinner:eek:)
  2. Wantresources

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    Hi Elyssa,
    I think I read somewhere on here that someone tried it and it worked for a while then stopped. Cortisone kind of scares me. I think the prp injections seem safer........
  3. Elissa

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    What are PRP injections? :confused:
  4. Wantresources

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    If you search this site you can read about our admin's procedure as well as Lisa's treatment. It is a treatment that Dr Greco is doing in Florida. I am exploring it as well.
  5. septembergirl

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    Hi, I tried cortisone injections and they didn't do a darn thing. They only work if HL is caused by inflammation or AA. All I got from it is that my period is now irregular and weird. The first period after a kenalog injection started weird (with brown blood ) and it lasted longer. A week later I got another period and it was weirder than old blood for five days and terrible pms on the first few days. Since I cannot have my period every other week I am seeing my ob gyn tomorrow.
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    Alopecia (SPOT BALDNESS) is an autoimmune disease that causes bald spot that can spread to the whole scalp and sometimes even the whole body. Stress has been known to be the main cause.