Could I have iron overload?

Discussion in 'Looking For Advice (my story)' started by bixa525, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. bixa525

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    I was reading on another forum that because I no longer menstrate that my hair loss could be from iron overload. My ferritin level tested at an 86 from a range of 6-134 . Someone told me to go give blood and this would lower my iron level and it might help my hair loss. Have any of you ever heard of this?
  2. briggscreek

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    I'm no doctor but your ferritin level sounds good to me. I keep reading that it should be at least 70 for hair growth. I'm taking iron right now because mine was at 17.
  3. mythreeboys

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    Looks perfectly normal to me. I'd be concerned only if it was over the norm but your perfectly in range.

    Are you taking iron suppliments? If you are you probably can back off of them now since your levels are good. I've never heard of donating blood unless people have too thick platelets or heavy metal poisoning.