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    :eek: i don't know if i'm totally losing it being obssessive or it this is really possible, can Spiro be making it worse???
    i've been diagnosed with AA, pcos and high testosterone and my treatment is Aldactone.
    Still my temples are getting worse and so is my frontal ughh, before it was just diffuse thining but no real bald patch except at the top of the head where each strand goes in a different direction.. but now its a real hole in the front :( i've been on spiro for 9 months now, isn't it about time for the shedding to have stopped?
    This april, the shedding actually started getting worse (from around 50 - 75 to now 200 hairs a day at least :confused:) and so i decided to go on minoxidil.
    I am currently on spiro 200mgs (9 months), minoxidil 2% (1 month), nizoral shampoo and hairmax lasercomb ( 6 months).. thats a pretty strong treatment no? why is it not working at all :(
    i know its too soon for minoxidil to kick in but im having a hard time being hopeful...

    i feel im ruining my health for nothing, wish i had the courage to give up (that sentence is so paradoxal)
    i wish my posts weren't so bleak, but i havent had a single feel good day (or good hair day) in months...
    i would appreciate some advice on this please.
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    I am not sure about the Spiro, but the Rogaine may make your hair shed for awhile.

    You are trying all the meds that are suppose to work if they are going to work. I have been around this hair stuff for a while now and I just don't know if there is any micralce cure. If you can get your medical problems worked out then you may stand a chance at some regrowth.

    I spend years being healthy and still live a very healthy today. I have no medical problems and still lost my hair. Sorry to say.

    I do wish you the best of luck. Take Care.
  3. fragile

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    thank you so much for replying,

    i forgot to mention the shed started before i went on minoxidil, which is why i decided to try it. so you think aldactone isnt gona do any good in the future? :(

    so so sorry to hear you lost your hair, i wish i had a magic cure for all of us...
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    I know some women who have had some success with the Spiro, so it may work. Hang in there give it a good shot. My hair came and went over a 14 year period and finally last summer I got the bald spot on the crown. Right now I have a little more hair than I did last summer, but not enough to quit wearing my topper. I have really gotten used to having great hair. Are you on the Network too? I am topper on the Network.
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    I have a friend who used Rogaine for women, and she did go through an initial shed before regrowth. I'm not willing to try it because I've heard you have to stay on it permanently in order to maintain your regrowth.

    Hang in there. I'm actively shedding, have no idea why and am no pursuing any medical treatments. Just taking vitamins and biotin. My system is soooo sensitive, and I have two autoimmune diseases; so I have to be careful about what I introduce into my system.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Kawawa, I forget what your name stands for: Kicking Ass With A ???? I love it! :D