Cure for hair loss in 2 years???

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    Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but when I saw it I wanted to rush back here and post it for everyone to see. Scientists are saying that they will be able to completely regrow hair on everyone-- even those already fully bald-- within the next 2 years. It has to do with the enzyme Prostaglandin D2 which seems to permanently keep hair follicles in a resting phase. Bald patches of skin seem to contain 3x higer concentrations of the enzyme. Once the levels are reduced it should make baldness completely reversible. Read more below! :)

    Baldness cure could be on shelves in two years

    A hair lotion that cures baldness could be on the market within two years, believe scientists.

    [​IMG] Scientists have found a single enzyme has a major role to play in male-pattern baldness, as experienced by the Duke of Cambridge. Photo: REX

    By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent

    2:04PM BST 19 Aug 2012

    They are already talking with pharmaceutical firms about making the product, which would work by stopping the effects of a single guilty enzyme.

    US-based dermatologists announced earlier this year that they had found that an enzyme, called prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), instructed follicles to stop producing hair.

    They identified it by screening 250 genes implicated in hair loss.

    George Cotsarelis, head of dermatology at Pennsylvania University, said the one responsible for levels of PGD2 played “the major role”.

    He said he was now talking with several drugs firms about creating the anti-baldness product.
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    It doesn't say anything about female hair loss!
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    Whoa! This is exciting!
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    Nice blog thanks for info !
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    use natural products for your hair,save hair from hair loss.Use hibiscus,henna,neem,cassia auriculata,curry leaves mixture(powder).it will be safe and benefit for your hair
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    I really hope it's true...
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