Currently take 200mg of Aldactone

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    I currently am taking 200mg of Aldactone, I first started at the 100mg level and increased it a couple years after I began. I'm not an expert on the drug or anything, but if you have any questions about it, please ask, I'm more than happy to answer any questions and share my experience with it.
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    How has the aldactone been working for you? Side effects? How long have you been on it?
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    Hi manpsych. I've on the Aldactone for nearly 9 years. It is hard for me to say definitively if has helped to keep my hair or slow the progression of my thinning because I'm not really sure what state my hair would have been in, had I not taken anything at all. Around 2003 I had decided to stop taking the Aldactone (dosage I was on was 100mg) because I did feel like it was doing nothing since my hair was still shedding. So I stopped it, not too long after my hair started shedding like CRAZY, it was enough to scare me to go back on Aldactone and this time I went on a high dose... 200mg. I'm been on that dosage since then.

    As far as side effects the only thing that happened when I began to take it, was that I used to get a little lightheaded and tired, I was told that this could be from a lowered sodium level in my body since Aldactone is also a mild diuretic. So I would carry packets of ketcup with me, or if I was at home I'd eat a pickle. That always perked me right up, so I think the low sodium was an issue for me at first. I suppose my body has since adjusted to the medication because I no longer have those light headed moments.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    Hi. I am currently going through the tests to determine if I have PCOS. I do have one cyst on an ovary, irregular periods, losing hair, slightly elevated testosterone levels although they have come down over the past two months. Everything I have read about hair loss points towards spiro being a good px for it. The endocrinologist I am seeing doesn't recommend it for hair loss, she thinks it would be better for hirsutism. I have previously had electrolysis for that problem. She only wants to put me on metformin. Should I be pushing strongly for the sprio?
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    Hi Rosemary,

    I only know one other friend within this community who tried metformin, and her experience with it was not good. I do not know the details. I am on 25 mgs of Spiro, a very low dose - too low, I think, to do anything for my hair (but my BP is low so I can't take a higher dose). I have had no bad side effects from the spiro, but my experience also doesn't indicate that it helps hirsutism. I'm not sure this answers your questionn at all, sorry. Good luck :)
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    Hi. Just started on 200mcg spiro and am having a slight numbness in my left hand. I stopped taking it and I'll call my doctor on Monday but wondering if you had any side effects on a lower dose? I'm going to ask my doctor if I can try starting at a lower dosage and working my way up.
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    side effects of spiro

    morning! i've been taking spironolactone for androgenetic alopecia since march of this year. started out on a low dosage and am now up to 150 mg a day. i've noticed a HUGE difference in my hair growth since starting that, along with the finasteride and rogaine. has anyone had any weird problems while on spiro? since starting it (about 2 weeks into it) i've been having recurring uti's, one turned into kidney infection,which landed me in the er. while in the hospital, they founed kidney stones too. i know diuretics can be rough on the body, but didn't think it could be THIS bad! i'm contemplating going off the spiro, but hate to lose what regrowth i've gotten. any help? go back for my 3 mo. check in sept.
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    spiro side effects

    I've just had a problem with the occasional numbness ... I was on 200 mcg and went down to 100 a day for a month, back up to 200 and once again started feeling some numbness - this time in my calf. I've gone back down to 100 and that seems to be ok for me. No other side effects that I'm aware of. Between the spiro and the Nizoral shampoo, my shed has definitely slowed down but no noticeable regrowth. Guess I'll try the rogaine soon. Have you had lots of regrowth? Did you have a big shed when you first started it?
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    I'm currently on Rogaine and 150 mg of Spiro. I started at the beginning of May with the Rogaine 5% and at 50 mg spiro. Since then I've progressively increased it to 150. At about two weeks in, I went from losing 50-60 hairs in my morning shower routine to around 100, sometimes more sometimes less. This has continued since then. I suppose they call it the 'dread shed'. I'm hopeful, though, that the shedding is going to start slowing down soon (the last few mornings I've only lost 50 or 60ish hairs) and will eventually stop. Hopefully then it will start to grow! I've also read another post either on this forum or on the site of someone who was successful w/ spiro and rogaine having three months of bad shedding.

    While at this moment I'm convinced my hair loss is due to going off birth control, I'm requesting a copy of my blood work results from the derm. office. I was told that my ferritin level was 'normal' but after reading what some of the ladies have said about stored iron and hair loss, it may be worth looking at. Just a suggestion :)

    How has Nizoral been working for you? I thought about trying it, but I don't want to try too many things at once and then not really know what it was that worked (if at all).
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    I was thinking about starting finastride but am scared. Advice?
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    what spiro has done to me......


    If you are on spiro or thinking of taking spiro, please see my post from last night "what have I done to myself." I'm in a precarious state of health all b/c of spiro. I just want to make sure you are better informed than I was re: the side effects of this drug. Yes, I was aware you should not take it if you have a history of breast cancer in your family (I don't) & I was told not to use salt subs ( or anything else w/potassium chloride, check) & don't eat high potassium foods ( I haven't been, to my knowledge). Here I am with hyperkalemia & potential long term kidney damage. Should I have been a little more cautious before overloading my body with this drug? I guess, but I really trusted this doctor & I just want my hair to stop falling out, damnit!!!! Be well....
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    low thyroid and hair loss

    Hi my name is ripples and i wanted to know what is aldactone. i was diagnosed with low t3 and was shedding some hair but my doctor put me on levothyoxine and it is coming out like crazy. was wondering if you knew any thing about this drug and info that may help me. i had fine but a good amount of hair and now it's just getting thinner and thinner. pretty scary! :(
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    Hmmm you guys are so lucky that your doctor's even prescribed Spiro to you. I have been trying to fight my hair loss, acne, hirsutism (PCOS in general) for ages & ages, my doc just gives me stupid useless medicine like Minomycin, Doryx, Clindatech for the acne, doesnt work at all. He diagnosed me with acid reflux & gave me Nexium which is when my hair loss began, i believe the nexium triggered it, i woke up with so much hair on my pillow & stopped it only 2 weeks in. Btw i also was getting hives on my face 24/7, doc didnt know how to get rid of those, after doing MY OWN reserch i started drinking wheatgrass juice, bam no more hives since. I can eat any foods also, couldnt have acidic foods for a while & that was painful. Long story short my doc is pissing me off. He made me cry yesterday giving me a straight & abrupt NO to giving me SPiro. I question his knowledge & skill & honestly am not going back to him ever again, unless i need a referal or med certificate. He hands out BC like candy btw. Something which raises insulin/glucose levels so if your pcos is due to high insulin levels, BC isnt ideal. All i want is Spironoloctone. Thats it. I tried for a year all these other methods, ive tried not stressing, ive tried herbal, (have only been on these for 3 months & realise it takes upto 6 months to see effects) but time is running out & soon i will need a wig & will be too depressed to even shower. Grose but true. If anyone from Sydney, Australia reads this & knows a General Practicioner/Endocrinologist or gyneocologist that will be MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP by prescribing me Spironolactone, please let me know......... Thank you!
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    Finast or aldoctone

    I'm Bhavya from india , I'm 29 yrs old and have fphl after the birth of my daughter 3 yrs ago , my doctor prescribed me finast 1 mg . It works well but I did some research on the net n it said .... It should not b used for girls . So then I tried out another dermatologist , he prescribed aldoctone 50 which was useless n I've lost lots of hair now . Was planning on going back to finast ? Can any one give any suggestions ?
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    Spironolactone may slow down or stop hairloss by working as a DHT receptors blocker. Despite the fact that most doctors caution male patients against using Spironolactone orally for hairloss for fear of adverse reactions such as loss in sex drive, impotence, breast development., some have been experimenting with low dose Spironolactone with some success.

    Spironolactone, Finasteride or other antiandrogen drugs really cant help hair loss rather improve it for women having alopecia like me. Finasteride is not recommended for women. I have knowledge with medicines therefore I've never used this drugs for my alopecia.

    Taking it will turn your testosterone levels more lowered. We have low testosterone, if we stop them we will surely losing more hair.

    Lastly, Spironolactone is approved in the treatment of hirsutism (excessive hair growth). So if we have excessive hair in our body, this is prescribed by doctors for patients having this condition.
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    Thanks August ! But my problem is that aldoctone 50 is not effectingmy hair loss . But I'm gonna give it another try ... Thanks for ur advice
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    50 mg spiro is a very low dose.It has to be increased to 100 mg.the problem is potassium levels.Though healthy kidneys will be able to handle spiro you have to check your blood potassium levels
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    Bhavz, just give it a try.

    Are you experiencing shedding of your hair?
  19. August

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    This is not recommended for women unless if you are suffering from hirsutism.