Dating again!

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    Hello there,
    I have read through your forums for years now & decided to sign up to finally ask a question. I'm sure someone has asked this before but any help from ladies that are going through the same thing I am are appreciated.
    I have been wearing hairpieces since I was 18. I was in a very bad car accident & the top of my scalp was cut completely open. They had shaved the area & it never grew back. The hair follicles are dead in that area. I wear a top piece to cover it. I have lots of hair everywhere else. I have completely come to terms with this & am happy with who I am. It's just hair & doesn't define me as a person.
    I am now back in the dating pool. I have long hair & men love to touch it. I feel that if I have to wear a hairpiece, it better be the best! :) I know there's not much they can feel but I still am uncomfortable with it in the beginning. I hate to continue saying i just don't like my hair to be touched. I get tons of comments on how beautiful my hair is. At what point do you have the hair talk with men? My last boyfriend & I were completely open about it. I am hoping the next guy will be too. I understand if he is not, he's not worth my time. I'm just wondering if I should tell him early in case he wants to bolt.. Or wait? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I would bring it up as soon as you feel like the relationship has potential. If the guy bolts then he is just not worth it anyway. Better to find out sooner than later. Good luck!;)