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    I went to a friend's birthday lunch yesterday. She put the pictures up on Facebook. There's one with the back of my head... and I had not realized my crown looked so bad! Admittedly, the sun was striking right on my crown... but still. My hair also looked so limp, flat, ugly... my part so wide... I'm only 24. I'm single. How is someone ever going to be attracted or love me, if my head looks like this?

    I don't wanna leave the house. This is what prevents me from enjoying life, from meeting people... I wish I could afford a wig, and even then... I want MY hair. I'd be happy to have thin hair, as long as I had normal scalp coverage. I just don't see how any guy my age would see past this, most women my age have normal hair... and this looks like AGA. The sad thing is, at my age both my mom and dad still had full heads of hair, they only started losing theirs after 40 (what's more, my mom only started losing hers after her surgically induced menopause). And I know we all wonder, "Why me?"... but that's all that's in my head right now, why me? I'm not all too pretty to begin with, I can't afford to lose hair.

    I honestly don't know what to do right now... why so young? Why couldn't this happen until at least being married for a few years, so that it wouldn't be so effin' hard to deal with dating and all? I can't let guys see me like that, I can't let them touch my hair, I can't, I paralyze just thinking about it.

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    A guy will see past it, trust me. Guys notice alot of other things before hair. I thought the same way. I know how you feel, I am married, but even after marriage it's not any easier. My HL started just 2 months before my wedding. You are finally with the person you love and your self confidence plummets. Funny, I wished the opposite. I was single and not married. I would have much rather dealt with this being alone in my own misery. Now I have to do my "hair stuff" in private when my hubby is not home and act like I'm happy as to not create a depressing household. Neither situation is easy girl. If your hairloss is mainly in the crown why not just put it half up more? I don't leave my down anymore. It sucks cuz I used to have lovely silky thick locks people envied, but I am facing the music. I just put it in the claw clip like 90% of the time I'm around people. Hey - I think of it like won't have great hair so try to have great something else. Focus on your skin, or having an awesome body. I'm trying to use this as a way to motivate myself to improve things I do have control over. Keep ranting if it helps.
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    Even though I'm new to all this I've found stressing can make things worse and affect other parts of my body/health. Since finding out, I've lost a lot of weight from stress and my skin has broken out in pimples and my sister says I walk around looking like a zombie and since I'm down I notice it affects my family and they feel down being around me. I would rather have HL with a glowing body/skin and have a face that looks happy than HL along with looking aneroxic, sick and walking around like I'm about to die any minute. It's hard and it hurts & it's also good to let it out and rant but you have to try and keep your spirits up and not let it affect your day to day enjoyment of life and living.

    I've been single for years and finally I've met a guy I really like and just a few weeks into the relationship I found out about having AGA. I try so hard not to constantly worry about him leaving me if he found out. But it's something I can't control. Married, single, new relationship ect...end of the day what matters is yourself and how you feel and how you'll let it affect your life.
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    I feel the exact same way you do, except I'm 28 and single! I can't even handle the thought of dating and having someone look at me in disgust, which is the way I look at myself. My HL is much worse than yours but it was similar at your age. I just ordered a new wig that ill only wear a handful of times on the weekends b/c I'm about to get a permanent bonded piece in May. I'd be willing to part with it if you think it may work for you. Feel free to private msg me.

    I'd like to say hang in there, it gets better, but it doesn't. You just have to get creative.
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    I was wondering when is the right time to start wearing a wig because my hair loss is also way worse than the pic you posted. I'm losing hair at my crown but when I put it up it does hide the bald spots and very wide part. Should I still look into wearing a wig?