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    Hi all. I am reaching out to all of you amazing women for help. I know I might never get all of my hair back, but some of it would be fantastic. This may be a little long winded, but I want you to know where I am coming from and what I have been doing.

    My hair has been falling out for the last 5 years. I'd say I've lost 60%. I have borderline hypothyroidism, IBS and have just been told I have cysts on one of my ovaries. I am 33, single and feel that I will remain that way because what guy would want a balding mess like me. I have decided I need to do something about myself, so I have started to try to improve my life. I have been eating right, working out and lost 7 lbs in a month. I started using peppermint oil in my shampoo and found the shedding nearly stopped completely (No more 5-10 hair clumps falling out. Started this before I was laid off).

    My dermatologist had me on Rogaine (before Women's Rogaine was available Canada). I noticed a bit of a difference but because he couldn't help me he said “oh well” and then told me not to come back. My family doctor has me on Synthroid (she wont prescribe desiccated thyroid like my old dr did). She won't send me to a dermatologist until we see how the Synthroid works. I have been reading amazing things about bamboo extract so I have started that today. I also started using Evening Primrose Oil on my scalp (I cant take it orally with the Bamboo Extract). I have been trying to eat more healthy fats , whole grains, well generally more healthy things (there are still cheat days and they involve chocolate, hehe).

    I have been using Toppik but the thinning seems to have gotten worse since I started using it (not sure if its caused by Toppik, but I read that the ammonium/aluminium in it can cause hair loss?!). Surgery is not an option for me due to cost restrictions.

    I'm wondering if Synthroid helped anyone?
    Has anyone else used Toppik and their hair loss was worse?
    Anyone tried Bamboo Silica?
    How about Women's Rogaine?

    I want to just hide in my apartment and cry. When ever I am out and see another woman going through this I just want to hug them.

    Thank you all for your time and wisdom!
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    Hi! Did you discuss this with your primary care physician? Having faced the struggle myself I think it is important to ask for professional help because it could be something which stemmed from an underlying medical condition.
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    I, too, got excited about silica, except I was getting it through diatomaceous earth, not bamboo. I've stopped taking it, even though I did notice an immediate improvement in my skin when on it. My concern is with the long-term problems associated with silica supplements.

    I'm not on synthroid, but I've read some posts in which users preferred the natural over the synthetic hormones. I believe that for some (not all) people, long term use of synthroid causes hair loss.

    I use 5% rogaine 2x day, as my dermatologist recommended. It might be slowing my loss, but I don't believe it is helping with regrowth.

    I'm happy for your success with peppermint oil! If you got that much success from peppermint, I'd be inclined to forget the Rogaine....
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    Hi Nomorehair! I did and she chalked it up to my borderline thyroid problem. The dermatologist just looked at my scalp and didn't do any testing so I don't have an answer :(
    Baker, thanks for letting me know how it went for you! I had to stop taking my bamboo after two days because it was giving me migraines. I'll take your advice on the Rogaine and stick with my peppermint oil.
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    If it does not work, you might want to consider more advanced options lije hair transplant surgery. I'm not saying that you should jump right into it. But if you do want permanent results, I believe that this is a good choice. How has your hair loss been since your last post?
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    I am so sorry and I feel for you. I am also 33 years old, feeling desperate, hopeless, and frustrated with the thought of being single forever because of this. I think it is wonderful that you are taking steps at just trying to be at your best possible self and feeling good with it. I am coming to terms with the fact that I may need to bond to just put this out of my daily mind and move on with my life! I really think once you come to terms with a solution to this whatever it is for you, then you can live again. But it is a journey and it won't come over night.
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    I understand. There is no easy way, especially if you want to take sure steps. It is harder, especially for women. But I do suggest that you go and have yourself checked.