Desperate, do I have Frontal Alopecia?

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by nimo33, Sep 21, 2011.

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    I used to have tons of hair, huge volume on top. Now I still have lots of hair sides and back but the top and front is and has gradually become flat and thin. I am desperate. I lost a chunk of front center hair about 14 years ago and could never figure out why or what, then dx'd with hashimotos a couple years later which didn't help. Now over time, the volume got less and less. Now I just read that there is something called frontal alpecia or FAA that is auto immune related and the hair never grows back. I have eyebrows still, my loss is the front and temple areas, and now I see it in my side part and flat on top, am definitely losing losing losing my hair. How do I know if it is this? Does anyone know anything about this to help me??????
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    Hi Nimo:

    My suggestion is to try to determine the cause. When I was in the searching phase, they tested me for PCOS, possible scalp infections etc. I ultimately got a scalp biopsy from the dermatologist and they determined fpb or androgenetic alopecia.

    I have androgenetic alopecia, and it started about six years ago with me losing a lot of my frontal hair and then it became more diffuse thinning or time. I'm currently on spironolactone and orthonovum 777 which has stabilized my condition a bit. PM if you'd like to chat :).

    ~ Lauren