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Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by Pdc, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Pdc

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    Anyone know of a women's hair loss expert anywhere near DC? I went to one woman and she barely even looked at my scalp! I'm desperate
  2. Compassion33

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    I recently saw Dr. Amy Beth Cole in the Maryland suburbs (I saw her in Rockville, but I think she also works in Silver Spring). I had already seen a ton of doctors by the time I got to her, so she didn't run blood tests or anything, or do much diagnostically, but she was willing to prescribe spironolactone to me (though since then I've been scared to take some scary stuff about side effects and a small potential for it to cause cancer). Also, unlike some dermatologists, she doesn't seem as though she's booked about 20 people into the time it would take to really provide service to 10...she took the time to actually talk with me.
  3. Compassion33

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    I saw Dr. Thomas Nigra years ago and kind of hated him, but I think that partly had to do with his office staff and my really not liking my diagnosis from him (androgenetic alopecia). I also saw Dr. Harold Berman at Capital Dermatology in Alexandria. It looks as though he has since passed away, but I think the practice is a good one. I also saw Dr. Angela Lotsikas, who I also remember as all right. And then I saw Dr. Gayle Masri-Fridling, whose practice got really bad and who I can't now recommend based on my experience—even though when I first saw her she was pretty good.

    I haven't seen anyone I thought was amazing, unfortunately. I'll post again if I do! And good's frustrating trying to find a good doctor, I know...