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    I have really dramatic reactions to any type of body detox that I try. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this reaction or if anyone knows what it could mean. I went to a homeopathic specialist a while back who did a strange type of test on me involving a little wand that she touched to my fingers. the results showed that I had high levels of mercury, radiation, a chronic epstein barr virus, and a yeast build up. She gave me at least 15 different bottles of 'remedy' to take. After about a week on the stuff, every one of my symptoms got worse. Sleeplessness, depression, fatigue, panic attacks, and worst of all, hair loss. By the end of the second week, my scalp was burning like fire and I was losing upward of 200 hairs in the shower. Needless to say, I quit the stuff. Everything stabilized, but I was no better off than before. Then, I went to a Naturopath who put me on another detox program. This one was done through metagenics products and diet. A week into it, sure enough, the same thing happened as did with the homeopathic treatment. She told me to back way off and take it slowly. Now, I'm experiencing the symptoms of a yeast infection, so I'm taking probiotics. They were not working, so she gave me a very powerful probiotic and a natural anti-fungal. The probiotic alone makes my scalp itch and burn and causes an increase in hair loss. If I add the antifungal, it gets really bad. I don't know what to do. I've read that yeast die-off can cause these symptoms, but I don't know if I can handle potentially losing all my hair through this die-off. Could the hair loss have been caused by out of control yeast in the first place? Does anyone out there know anything about this? :confused:

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    Hi hstrygirl,
    Not sure about yeast and hair loss, but I do know some natural remedies to help combat yeast. Unsweetened Yogurt (make sure not sweet, as sugar & yeast are buddies). Garlic, can take garlic tabs. Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother), very good to combat yeast. And be sure to drink lots of water :)
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    Thanks for responding to my post, JeannerN1. Yes, I've tried all of the above, along with coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, and others. After about two days on any treatment (even the coconut oil) my scalp starts to burn and my hair loss begins to increase exponentially every day that I continue the treatment. I'm trying again right now with a different product. The same darn thing is happening, along with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and itching all over. As if the hair loss wasn't bad enough! No one can figure out why this happens. I see a Naturopath. She's stumped also. Wants me to try nuro biofeedback. Hair loss is expensive!

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    Hi hstrygirl,

    Just checking up, how are you? Did you try nuro biofeedback? Hope your symptoms are better :)
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    still searching

    Hello Jeannern1,

    I did not try the nuro-bio feedback due to the cost. Hairloss is bankrupting us!
    I quit spiro. 6 weeks ago and started taking 6,000 mg. of myo-inositol with magnesium (Cenitol - Metagenics). My hair is still falling, but (so far) staying in the range that it was on spiro.
    I'm still suffering from chronic fatigue and have now added to that, muscle aches and joint pain. My labs have been screwed up for a while. My white blood count is below normal (has been for at least 8 months) and I'm once again deficient in several nutrients (zinc, copper, D3) even though I'm supplementing. Several labs have come back bad for kidney and liver function, also. I'm falling apart! No doc. can figure out the labs or piece it together. My Naturopath thinks its pcos (no progesterone and higher LH than FSH?) - others think its an autoimmune disorder (positive rheumatoid factor - elevated anas) - some think I have a fungal or viral infection (tested for lyme disease - waiting for results).
    The inositol has helped in a lot of ways, although has not stopped the hair loss. My hair is bone dry, frizzy, and really nasty looking - on top of being noticeably thin.
    I just can't give up yet....I wore a topper the other day - I thought it looked nice. Almost everyone I met asked me what happened to my hair!! My Naturopath saw me and said "are you wearing a wig?" I haven't worn it since (not to mention it hurts)....My hair color changed so much, that my beautiful Follea is 3 shades too light........Sorry for rambling on. If I get any success with anything, or even find out what this hideous nightmare is being caused by, I'll be right here to share it....I want desperately to see all you ladies get answers and get well - take care.
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    The easiest and best detox I've come across is the 3 day apple diet from Edgar Cayce. Only apples for 3 days and at the end of the third day you take about 2 oz. of olive oil.