Diane 35 to treat androgenic alopecia

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    I am new and doing research of my own. I heard Diane 35 (oral contraceptive) is used in Europe and Canada to treat androgenic alopecia for women as it has anti-androgen effects.

    Anyone have any experience around this?

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    Diane 35

    Please use this bcp with caution. I used Diane 35 for 6 months and developed a massive dvt (blood clot) in my left leg as well as several clots in my lungs. I survived the ordeal but my leg remains twice the since of the other one and I am now on blood thinners for life. This isn't the result for everyone but it can and does happen more frequently with this bcp than others.

    I do think it helped my hair loss but it was not worth the overall outcome.

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    Diane 35

    thanks so much for that dharma. do u think that u had any particular factors that made u more susceptible to blood clot? smoking/genetics, etc ? The prospect of developing blood clots is very scary to me and I think I would avoi it altogether. Thanks!
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    I don't smoke or have any factors that contribute to developing a blood clot on bcp other than I was 42 at the time. Age does contribute to an increase in clotting.

    I don't suggest not using Diane 35 just use with caution and if you notice any unusual feelings get your doctor to check you for clotting...a d-dimer test I believe it is called.

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    As an oral contraceptive, the effectiveness of Diane-35 is unquestionable. However, as an alternative medical hair loss treatment, this prescription medication may not be as effective as it seems, especially if hair growth is your goal but you don't want to negatively affect your ability to conceive. At present, there are more effective hair loss treatments which produce little to no negative side effects. Today's safest and most potent hair loss products make use of nanotechnology – an innovation in which nanosomes (particles about 200 times smaller than cells) are used to ensure optimal delivery of active ingredients.
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    Nanotechnology? Please explain. Thanks!
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    Many of the gynecologists suggest Diane 35 for the treatment of alopecia. There are some evidences due to its antiandrogenic effect Diane 35 is use for androgenic alopecia.