Do you have scalp pain?

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    Since puberty i've had consistent hair shedding. It's not dramatic, it seems to throughout the years shed and grow back but with miniaturization. Now in my 30's and seeing a bigger difference (guess old age, nothing grows as fast anymore). Worst is, now I have scalp pain most of the times I awaken from my sleep. I find a few hairs on the pillow (1-10) and my scalp would be tingly with pain. Just touching it makes me :eek: I don't believe it's normal to have scalp pain or even to lose hair when you're sleeping! There will also be times when I lose more hair in the shower and times when I shed very little. It didn't seem to have any logic to the whole madness.

    I've gone to the doctors and finalized that I do not have hypothyroid, but I do have anemia.

    Two weeks ago, I recall what a Chinese doctor once diagnosed me in my teenage years, the doc had told me I had poor "blood circulation". This poor blood circulation has actually been brought up several times in my life but I had disregarded it and it's only now that I believe it's the link to the condition of scalp pain.

    So I decided to do a test for few weeks.
    Have you heard of Tom Haggerty's scalp exercises? Basically you 1) lift your eyebrows 2) while eyebrows still lifted, pull your ears this for 10 mins. This exercise was meant to help with scalp tightening; but I think it also helps . It's said guys have an easier time doing this exercise than women, but I found it no problem.

    So here's my regimen: every morning I usually have a shower; while driving to work, I do my scalp exercise for 10 min. During the week, I may do some exercises and have a hot bath twice before bed time to stimulate circulation; just before sleeping, I'll just massage my neck and do the scalp exercise again. Sometimes I'll even lay down for 15 min and lift my legs up against the wall so I'm at 90º angle. This is said to help blood flow back to the heart.

    So after few days of this, I began waking up without scalp pain. And barely any hairs on my pillow! My scalp actually feels "relaxed and comfy"...not tense like it use to be. Now, I even go as far as to not using a pillow anymore (this is just my preference). Just because when you prop your head up, it's harder for blood to travel to your head; the head is the farthest from the heart (gravity naturally pulls all your blood downwards). Some even suggest lifting knees up during sleep too.

    I also posted as a comment to someone else's thread that Vitamin C also has been said to help with blood circulation. It also helps absorption of Iron in the body. All I can say is, if any of you experience same symptoms...scalp pain and hair loss, to evaluate your condition. I also suspect having Candida-like symptoms (indigestion, rashes, etc.) may also play a part in all of this. I was bit overweight, I exercised and lost weight. Recently when I exercise I haven't even shed a pound! So I began suspecting something's wrong. And after following the Candida diet for 2 weeks, I ended up shedding 15 pounds. Candida is overgrown yeast infection which can hit your immune system and result in hair loss also.

    There are definitely many factors that affect hair loss. What is one's solution may not be another's. But I do believe now (after all my years of eating processed and junk food) that what you eat will affect your hair, skin, etc.

    PS. I've also tried Rogaine 5% foam...this is obviously meant for men only. It ended up giving me heart palpitations; I realized I didn't feel so well after a year of this stuff and searched online and some people have mentioned similar side effects.
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    Hi Mavi,

    I too have scalp pain. It seems random, and sometimes I feel as though I have a bruise but there is nothing there when I look in the mirror.

    I also am trying to change my diet for the better. More fresh fruit and veggies, less refined/processed food. Christmas is coming up, so that's always a challenge!

    How has your hair loss been? Is it still improving?

    I noticed that you mentioned miniaturization. Miniaturization puzzles me. Is it always indicative of aga? I think I have miniaturization in areas as well, but I'm not sure if it's permanent or just my hair growing back temporarily strange. I've read a few websites where people have said that they had strange regrowth for a while (thinner, thicker, different colour, etc) and then it normalized. It's all so confusing!

    Thanks for sharing the blood flow tips, I'll have to look into this.
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    Minor scalp pain can easily be treated at home while sensitive scalp should never be neglected. It is always advisable to go to doctor if you are suffering from acute scalp pain, to rule out the reason behind it before any delays. Simple scalp pain treatments at home include warm compress, cold compress and anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drugs. For cold compress, wrap ice in a towel or handkerchief and then apply on the scalp, don't apply ice directly on the scalp. Warm compress the scalp by soaking the towel in hot water and then apply it on the scalp.

    You can also get relief from the pain by taking acetaminophen. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, Ketoprofen and Naproxen are scalp pain relievers. However, these drugs should not be taken frequently. It's always better to seek a doctor's advice, if you are suffering from scalp pain regularly.
    I hope this helps you. And good luck.