Do you tell people about your wig/topper?

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Do you tell people you wear a wig/topper when they ask about your hair?

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  1. Yes, I 'm very open about it and tell everyone

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  2. I only tell those who are close to me or good friends

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  3. I keep it to myself. It's very private subject for me.

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  1. trishtrish

    trishtrish New Member

    Just wondering how many of you tell people right away when they ask about your hair? Do you tell only people who you know well? Or do you tell anyone who asks?

    I have a topper, but I'm a bit scared to wear it because I haven't exactly decided how to approach the situation should I be asked (Well, plus I think it looks really fake, but it's all I can afford right now).

    I have AA and I'm not sure where this is leading... The hair just keeps coming out in ropes! :(
  2. roca

    roca New Member

    I struggle with the same question. Ive had a topper for a month and wear it to work and just about wherever I go. People at work comment on how great my hair looks and which salon do I go to...blah blah blah. I figure its none of their business so I just tell them whatever they wanna hear. But when it comes to my close friends and family, they know and I've told them why I decided to do this.
    I'm pretty happy with it. Its human hair. I think if it didn't look like my own hair i would have a hard time wearing it, especially in my professional life.

    Another thing I tried was to first wear it on the weekend, to grab groceries etc... That way I could test out how others would respond and most importantly how I would feel.
    Hope you find your way. Give it a go.
  3. porshiana

    porshiana Member

    Over the years I've learned the best way for me to handle it is to manipulate the truth a little bit. If they ask me directly if its my hair or if its a wig i simply say " i have hair pieces because my hair is very thin by itself. This comment seems to eliminate any shock, it doesnt seem so extreme to the questioner and is not as easy to gossip about as the term "wig" is. Yet, your not directly lying. A wig is, after all, a hairpiece right? And I'm quite certain you're hair is "thin,". Should anyone happen to find out details at a later date, you weren't lying. For those closest to you, i would tell the whole truth. As for anyone that simply asks where you get your hair done, tell them you have a friend or family member that helps you. I'm sure at some point one of them gave you a hand or at least advice. So you are once Again. Not lying.

    But let's get to the bigger problem. Boot being comfortable in your piece. That can be a huge issue. Please read the thread i just started and consider trying some on. You just might find something awesome for $20. Trust me it's possible. Look at mine. in my albums. They cost $35. Although i like the bolder look, they have very very natural looking ones too. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. trishtrish

    trishtrish New Member

    Thank you both for your responses! Well, I bought a topper, but haven't worn it yet. It's synthetic and I just feel like it looks fake. But I guess I haven't tested it out with friends or family to see if they even notice. Right now I'm using Toppik, but I don't think I will be able to cover it up much longer with that.

    It's so difficult here in Sweden because all the wig shops are so expensive, even the synthetic ones. We just don't have the finances to buy anything they sell here. I mean, even getting a haircut here is expensive, so I doubt I'll be able to find someone to cut the topper I have into my real hair. I had my mom send me the topper I have from the states, and I'm disappointed in how it looks. I'm waiting for a visit to the derm (which could take 4 months) to get a prescription for a "hair prosthesis". But they will only cover it if they deem that it is necessary :(

    So, I guess I'm kinda stuck :(
  5. suzieQ2

    suzieQ2 New Member

    When I first started wearing a topper I told people at work that I got hair extensions and no one seemed to bat an eyelash. I told my family the truth.
    I also wore my hair up or in a pony tail for the first week or so to get people used to me having hair but they weren't quite sure what was different. Depending on how thin your natural hair is, you can sometimes get away with it by getting highlights or even getting a tan and people will know something looks different but can't quite put their finger on it. LOL:D
  6. trishtrish

    trishtrish New Member

    Such great ideas! I guess the holiday is coming up, so maybe when we get back might be a good time to start wearing it. It's something I've been trying to build the courage to do...I wish I could feel comfortable with it, but I'm not right now. I guess it just takes time. Good thing the break lasts until January 7th, that way I can get time to get accustomed to it.
  7. porshiana

    porshiana Member

    Well Trish you could let us try to help you out. If you post a pic of you with and without perhaps we can see why you feel it looks fake and try to give you suggestions on either what you can do so the topper blends better or which type or kinds you could order online that we feel would look more natural on you or help you transition to the topper.
  8. trishtrish

    trishtrish New Member

    Thanks porshiana..I just have to muster up the courage to do that! :p
  9. porshiana

    porshiana Member

    I doubt you know or will ever meet anyone on here. You could post for the conversation and remove in a couple days just so nobody runs across the pictures 4 years from now or something. You could also Photoshop a blur. Or circle over the center of your face. However idky but i seem to have a hard time telling how the wig really matches a person like that. Its almost as unhelpful ad looking at it on the mannequin and not knowing what you look like. But at least. Could see yuppie pasta and hairline and hair blending and perhaps help you there.
  10. porshiana

    porshiana Member

    Yuppie pasta was supposed to be Your parts. My phone keyboard and swipe really sucks.
  11. adawiyah aafree

    adawiyah aafree New Member


    i'm a 22 year girl and wear a wig recently i'm meet a doctor to laser treatment of hair transplant........
  12. laprovam

    laprovam New Member

    I wear a topper. People have asked me what I have done to my hair. I told them I cut and colored it darker. They bought it. My topper really looks natural. I pin the sides back so that it's not too much hair.

    There have been some people who have not kept it a secret and it seemed to work for them. In my circle, I have people who gossip and I know that if they knew the truth, they would spread the word and I would be gossiped about.

    My cousin kept harassing me and asked me what I did to my hair because it used to be really thin. I finally told her that they are Extensions. She bought it. Eventually people got used to the look and stopped asking.