Does 1 ml of Rogaine cover your entire scalp?

Discussion in 'Rogaine (Minoxidil)' started by Astroelf, May 3, 2015.

  1. Astroelf

    Astroelf New Member

    Hi guys, I am new hair, a sufferer of AGA who is miserable because of it :(

    Does 1 ml of Rogaine cover your entire scalp? I sometimes worry that it is not enough for me...what is your experience?
  2. Alicia Temple

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    How bad is your thinning? Is it to the point where your entire scalp shows? Just be aware that once you start that stuff there will be some excess shedding in the beginning and if you were to stop that might not come back depending on how bad the loss is. I would try one area to test it out first to see if its working. Rogaine differs from person to person. It didn't do much for me. Plus its expensive. It may work for you, though;) Just giving my input.
  3. Astroelf

    Astroelf New Member

    I have fair diffuse thinning. I would say quite severe on the sides, and presentable in the middle of my head, the back is also pretty harshly hit. It is just everywhere.

    Here is a picture of my hair regrowth with medication and rogaine. I started Rogaine January 2015 but I hate the extra facial hair growth I get. Just wondering if you guys manage to cover your scalps with 1 ml cos I use a little more, like 1.5 ml :(

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