does anyone have a fortune wig? and what is your experience with it

Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by needhope, Apr 18, 2015.

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    I find they are very helpful and compassionate. It is hard to see what something will look like on you when it is uncut. Was wondering if anyone has a fortune wig. My hair has always been wavy slightly curly and am looking at places that have that type of hair. My main concerns are fit, comfort and of course it looking realistic and as close to my previous hair as possible.
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    I have a Fortune Kippah Topper. I ordered my first one on Cyber Monday 2014. I was so nervous to take the leap into wearing hair. I actually didn't get my piece until about the middle of February. Fortune is AMAZING with customer service. They shipped so many pieces/colors back and forth for me until I knew what I wanted. Then it had to be custom because of the wavy. I just ordered my second last week (they say 6 weeks but I got my first one in about 4 weeks after we finally placed the order).

    I know I haven't used the wigs - but if they are anything like the topper then I can tell you that the scalp is wonderful. NOBODY has been able to tell that this isn't my scalp. The hair styles easily. My natural hair was wavy/curly and was never silky so this hair matches my bio hair ok. I haven't had curls in about 15 years - its just been a wavy mess, so this works. I do keep a comb with me though - as it can get bunchy at the ends. My family loves it - I had a panic attack (literally) the first day I wore it to work - I almost didn't make it to my desk.

    I did cut bangs into it (but I have bangs so that helps it look really natural. I will probably have to go into a full wig in the next few years as I don't have a ton of hair to clip to. But at least if I stay with Fortune the texture will be the same and I can sort of look the same.

    You can place the order with Fortune and as long as you don't cut it - you can return it. I have spoke to both Kate and Ellie - seriously they are amazing!! The return policy is so easy that you can feel secure giving them a try.
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    Thank you I agree they are both amazing ladies and very helpful! The reason I was going to go for a full wig is because my biggest problem is the horrible shedding. It comes out in buckets from all over my head. Any pulling I am afraid will make it worse. I also have lost 60% or more of the volume in the length of my hair. I had more hair on one side than I have all over my head now.
    I am terrified if this shedding doesn't stop soon I will have no hair left.
    this has been going on for a year and a half and I started out with great hair, so sad.
    I have been told being under weight my severe anxiety (not normal stress) and not eating is causing this to continue.
    I was told to start rogaine but am very afraid I will shed more. I am losing 700 hairs in the shower at this point and I can't afford for that to double.
    If anyone has advice on this please let me know. I was told if I don't try rogaine no doctor will give me steroid shots for the rest of my head and I really want to do something to stop this. Thank you again for your reply and I am so glad you are happy with your topper:)