Does anyone have similar symptoms?

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    I'm 22 years old and ever since senior year of high school I started noticing a itchy, burning feeling in the back of my head just under the crown area. I also get little red bumps sometimes on my scalp. In middle school, one of my friends even asked me why my hair is weird and why my part extends lower down towards the back of my head. I was young then and didn't really take much notice of it. As I got older though I started noticing the part was extending further and further back. Now it extends past the top of my head all the way down to the upper part of the back of my head. I don't know what to do since its super noticeable now :(. I feel like the thinning is spreading down from the crown to the back of my scalp. My parents both have pretty bad hair so I think this is hereditary, but they have never seen a doctor for it. Also my mom does not have the itchy scalp but my dad does. My younger brother also has the itchy scalp but his hair is very thick and dense. Does anyone know what could be the cause and if I have any hope to restore my hair :(((
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    This sounds exactly like what I have, do you have a picture of the back of your head?
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    I also have a VERY itchy scalp!! :( Ever since I knows my HL. You can make a appt with a DERM an she can give you something for it, it may or may not help. Everyone is different.
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    See a derm

    I may be nothing but you should see a derm ASAP. I have a form of scarring alopecia call LPP. Sounds similar but who knows. If you have a condition, get it diagnosed and get treatment. I recommend seeing a derm at a university setting rather than a private practice or asking your derm to refer you to a University setting.
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    Hi, Im just wondering why you recommend this? Is this something who is in school to be a derm but still studying? Do you recommend because they are learning all the newest things and are they cheap?
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    To the Original Poster

    To the original poster - I think I have similar symptoms. My scalp tingles..kinda hurts, where I have the most thinning. I have what feels like pimples on the scalp. I recently had a scalp biopsy done that revealed I have AGA. My hair is thinning on the crown. My scalp always showed (looked like a long part - or part that went further down the back of my head) on the right side of my crown. Now the same thing is happening on the left side of my crown and I'm really freaked out about it!

    I've been on the 5% men's rogaine foam and 50 mg spiro. Neither have really helped. I think the spiro messed up my hormones to be honest with you. Now, I feel like I can't get off the spiro without having a major shed. It's a vicious cycle.

    I noticed my hair thinning first in my late teens, when I was 17. Then in my 20's it seemed to get thicker for awhile, and it looked pretty good if I highlighted it or styled it a certain way - it was pretty dense. Then, very slowly, over the past 3 years - since I turned 30, it has gotten very thin.

    Good Luck with your situation. Please keep us posted.
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    I too have the itching and bumps although there is no pus in them, just intensely itchy. I have a cycle: IBS flare, itching, bumps, hair turns gray then falls out. This has been going on since at least 2008. I went to derm who biopsied and found mixed inflammatory cells and said I had a Staph infection on my scalp. They wanted to treat me with 3 months of Minocycline (very strong antibiotic). I refused based on the fact that I have yeast in my GI tract and am desparately getting that under control. NO way I was going to wreck my GI flora!!!

    After researching, I found this mixed inflammation does not always mean Staph. My symptoms just did not meet the clinical picture. I had an appointment with the derm who was WONDERFUL explaining allergy and HL. They looked at my scalp and said it looked very healthy with no scarring. So now what?

    After tons of research, I found info about Mast Cell degeneration releasing inflammatory chemicals into the hair follicles. I am going to follow that up and see what I can find out. Meanwhile, I am reaching critical phase. I can barely style my hair now due to HL and my front side hairline will quickly disappear as most of the few remaining hairs are gray and will fall out soon. SO SAD!!!!!
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    I started taking biotin and switched to a sulfate free shampoo. Now the itching has gotten a lot better and I don't really get the bumps anymore. Since I stopped scratching or rubbing my head a lot it doesn't hurt anymore. Just the upper part of the back of my head still is a bit sore if i rub it. My hair is still getting thinner though. I think I will go see a doctor soon.. I'm just kind of embarrassed about it :(
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    I finally went to see a dermatologist today.
    He looked at my scalp and did a hair pull test and nothing came out so it was okay..
    Then he pulled out some hair to look at under a microscope and came back and told me the hair shaft was normal and the ratio of growing to resting hairs were good. He doesn't know why it's happening and recommended I get blood tests done. I also asked if it could be bacterial or fungal and he said it didn't appear so..
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    Is it still itchy? Mine is not as itchy anymore but I still have lots of other scalp issues! I am going to my derm next month and want a fungal type test done!
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    Yes, It's still itchy and definitely allergy, GI and stress related but I can't get down to the bottom of it. I am on a restricted diet (gluten, soy, low dairy, corn, reduced sugar), taking supplements for allergies (also have itching, burning, and eczema on my skin), and working on reducing the stress response but my hair is continuing to thin. This has been going on for about 5 years. Pretty soon, the short hair but is coming then it will be wigs, scarves, and hats.

    Please let me know how the derm goes. My visits to one derm practice were useless. He agreed it sounded like allergies but didn't have any good advice. What is a fungal type test? What are your other scalp issues? Thanks and good luck!
  12. 13008108388

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    mine isn't really that itchy anymore if I wash my hair everyday and don't really touch it.. But sometimes when I get stressed out I think it gets worse.
    The derm gave me coal tar shampoo and told me to try it.
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    Be careful with the coal tar. I think it can cause cancer! I used it twice and hated the smell and didnt like how it made my scalp feel. Fungal test I think they scrape your scalp and send it off. I have had a biopsy and it came back LPP but my derm doesn't feel like I have that? I have very light burning at time but my main issue if the flaking/scaling I have on my scalp that makes my scalp feel like this. I have been living with mold for almost 4 years and keep reading on it and this could be from that. Both times I went on vacation my scalp cleared up!? Have you got a good look at your scalp? I b ought a $30 microscope camera on amazon and know exactly what my scalp looks like now. not pretty!
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    I had mold remediation in my home for 3 different water leaks. A company came in, tore out drywall 2' up and fixed all the leaks. I swear it's in our water system but haven't been able to find a lab that will test water for mold. Just a few minutes ago, I discovered mold and what I suspect is a gram negative rod (in the E. coli family) in my washing machine which was in the utility room where all the mold was. The company didn't clean our appliances although I thought they would have for a $9,000 project. I swear that's a big part of my problem. We are putting our house on the market and I'm going to run like hell outta here off this well and get on chlorinated town water.
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    I did not yet encounter those symptoms but i seen my friend saying those symptoms and it was really annoying.In Finland some people are experiencing kuivat hiukset or dry hair some really annoyed with it some are going to doctor to have a fit shampoo sometimes shampoo are one of the best solution but sometimes is not.
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    Good luck SunnEe!! PLEASE let me know if you notice a change when you move! Hmm, mold in the water. I haven't heard that one and am going to google it now! I still swear it is my house! :( What type of HL do you have and how is your scalp now?
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    To funnylittlefrog

    Hi,I have kind if the same symptoms as you - pimply like bumps, some itching, etc. I am curious; does your scalp feel like you don't have the same feeling that you used to? Mine does. I recently saw a dermatologist for the first time. I was kind of disappointed. He attributed it as hereditary and didn't really diagnose me. He gave me some topical antibiotics, which is basically acne medication. It has only been a few weeks and I haven't been using it all the time because he also prescribed me cg210 for my hair loss and Both medications need to be applied twice a day so I opt for the hair stuff. Also, I find it hard to get the antibiotics on my scalp and not hair. Anyways, just wondering if you have made any head way with anything. Also, can you tell me what AGA is? Thanks so much, I hope you are having a better time with everything.
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    Yours sounds like clear cut folliculitis. Does it come in cycles or pretty much constant? Do your bumps have a head on them? What is cg210? I've never heard of it.

    I am still losing my hair. I have had mold exposure which has made me quite ill with GI issues, neurological, hormone, and psychologically. I've been told my HL is likely due to the "mold toxins". I don't know if I will ever stop losing hair or get it back when I get better. I am only treating the mold toxins and trying to correct some other issues. I am using "all natural" hair products (Morrocco Method) but I actually seem to lose more hair as it requires a lot of scrubbing.

    AGA = androgenic alopecia (hereditary HL). Good luck!
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    It's not too bad. It seems like I'll have some bumps in one area one day and then the next it's gone and somewhere else. Cg210 is a new product that is supposed to do the same thing as rogaine but with the benefits of being all natural. I started it about 3 weeks ago. I was told I will not see results until the 3 month mark, but I have noticed some baby hairs growing in some areas and less hair fall when I shower. So I'll keep trying it. Crossing my fingers! And good luck to you as we'll. thanks for the reply!
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    Glad your shedding is down some!! I wonder if the bumps could be a allergic reaction to some of your products? Im still having the same issues, but moving soon and hoping I will see some changes.