Does hair grow back when your thyroid Leveled out?

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    hi, im sorry if i dont belong in this forum, cuz im a 26yr old male. but ive read everything here and see alot of what is wrong with me too. im not sure how common thyroid problems are in men compared to woman, but i have the worst luck, so heres my story. Ive been losing hair slowly for the past 5 years and have had alot of chest pains and heart pains, but im not sure if thats related. im going to see a doctor tomorrow to get my thyroid lvls checked out and what not. But ive allways told ppl that hair loss doesnt run in my family at all, my 96 yr old grandpa had a full head of hear along with my other grandparents and my parents. and its mostly in the front and sides, but it seems to come out in uneven patches. I came upon this thread to see if hair will grow back if you can fix the thyroid problem. cuz if not, im gona have some weird looking hairline the rest of my life and thats kinda depressing cuz im only 26 and i ussed to have the thickest hair ever and a reall nice hair line. i just want to know if once the hairs been gone in certain spots for so long, if theres even hair follicles left to grow back? any response would be appretiated, thanks ladys :) and best of luck to everyone.
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    40%+ thinning in a year with normal ranges

    My T3 and T4 tested in the normal range, but my T3 was not in the"optimal" range. In the space of a year, I went from a thick head of hair, a full energy level, a normal cycle, clear skin, and no pain to the complete opposite. A year and a half ago, I could barely get a scruncii wrapped around my hair twice. Now, I have to wrap it three times & it still slides out. A year and a half ago, I could run circles around my six kids & husband while doing a full remodel on my house. Now, I consider it a successful day if I get the laundry done & supper made. A year and a half ago, my size five pants were loose. Now all I can fit correctly from my wardrobe is pajama pants, though I don't have enough energy or desire to get out of them anyway. Ironically, I'm too tired to raid the fridge, so it's not overeating. But the hair loss is the worst. It's still waist length, but it looks so sick it's scary. I can't even use a thickening shampoo because that only highlights how frayed and dull it is. I've come to accept that it may not ever come back, but I would love it if I didn't have to unplug my shower drain every couple of months.
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    I am with brneyez, I have been on Levoxyl, with levels just fine for many years now and I"m losing my hair more and more and have been for years. I also have tried Evening Primrose and so many other options, supplements, and nothing restores it. :(
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    8 months on my thyroid meds

    Hi I was supprised to find out I am not the only one with this problem. In sept 2011 I found out that I had a low thyroid. My level was 9.78. My dad also found out about his 3 mths ago and it looks like we have several people that have this issue in our family. Most the men are bald and us women have thinning hair. At first I thought my hair was getting better but then all of a sudden I notice it was worse. My pony tail size is just over a dime. My hair is so dry and breaks and falls out all the time. I am scared. I don't know what to do to help my hair. I don't have health I s and gets my meds from my weight loss dr. I have lost 56 lbs so far. And my diet is. Stater than it has ever been so I thought good food would help my hair but it hasen't. Noone has said anything to me and I do 't talk about it. So I do 't know if they can tell or not. Have any of you found something that would help? I really need to keep taking the meds because it has changed my life! So many good thi gs but I really want my hair back!
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    hi susie,
    I am hoping you are still on the forum and see this post..I am so happy to hear of your success in battling hairloss! my story is so similiar to yours that it brings tears to my eyes and gets me more hopeful for the end to this nightmare. I am currently on 150mg or 2.25 grains of erfa thyroid,natural dessicated like armour.I have been experiencing hairloss for 1yr 10 mths. 60 % or more is gone. I have pushed my meds up 1/4 grain for last month and saw decrease in hairloss after the second week. I am afraid to go higher because I feel I have adrenal issues and when I increase more than 1/4 at a time I experience hyperness, insomnia etc. I know I am not at the correct dosage because I still have symptoms of low thyroid. Right now I am awaiting lab results.looking to see how FT3 is. Reverse T3 was tested at same time. I realize that TSH can be a very low #as long as you are symptom free.
    My other labs almost 10 mths ago, like the ones you referred to, showed low in those areas as well. I did not supplement with these hormones.
    I read that natural progesterone may reverse the situation, (Dr. Lee's books) and tried it recently, but it seemed to accelerate the loss! Just when it seemed to stabilize, I thought why not try another possible remedy to get regrowth? After stopping, has seemed to stabilize again.
    I am taking biotin, silymarin,probiotics and recently upped my protein intake .

    When your hairloss stabilized and you saw regrowth, did the front forehead area fill in? Are you still experiencing success? Do you have energy and restful sleep? I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks!
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    Hi Birdsong

    Good for you getting on Erfa. Are you Canadian or just have a good doctor? How old are you? Do you have burning scalp too or just hair loss? Are you on a birth control pill?

    All my hair was growing back--the front, top, all of it. I have a wave 6" from my scalp where the new hair meets the old. I was doing great for a couple of months. Life was good again. NO PAIN!!

    BUT--I had a huge setback in mid-January. My pills lost potency from being in a hot and humid environment. I got new labs which confimred my symptoms. I was out of the country and did not have access to new pills. So after suffereing with the same old symptoms all over again, for 6 weeks, I increased my dose a couple of times. Well, long story short, I came home and my doctor ran new labs which showed me being hyperthyroid! It's taken 2 months to get leveled back. It surprised me that my hyper symptoms were the same old burning scalp, hair loss, and ear ache that I had being hypo, plus the usual hyper symptoms (racing heart, weight loss). Oh, and my serum AM Cortisol was really high. Never had that before.

    Anyway, as I was getting my thyroid levels un-hyper, I still had burning scalp and hair loss and the ear aches. I thought I would have improved as my thyroid levels got better. Ugh! It made me wonder if sex hormones are playing. So, I stopped my birth control pill (again) and after 2 days my scalp stopped burning. It's only been for 9 days. At the same time (not smart) I started using Melatonin at night. I read it reduces high cortisol. Plus, I started using OTC progesterone cream. Stupid to do all 3 things at the same time but I was desperate because my hair was now thin like it was before the regrowth. Plus, maybe the pain is gone because I'm at the right thyroid dose??? Who knows, but I still really believe that getting to the optimal thyroid med dose is essential. And I knwo that my hair will grow back once I'm fixed.

    I gotta go now. I'll check back later. Best wishes and please know that I totally sympathize with you.
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    As Adam stated I do not mean to intrude (too much), but I feel I have something to say. I'm a 22 year old male diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis, I most likely received it from my mother at birth, and she got it some time after having my older brother. My father did not allow for me to receive any treatment for years, then when I got on the medication I kept forgetting about it after a while. So I stopped taking it on a few occasions knowing an every other day pill could mess things up.

    I just started worrying about my hair (again) after looking in the mirror, wondering if it's receding or not. I started looking for a picture of a normal hair line and just started worrying more. I am so glad that i stumbled on your forum first as it gives me hope that there is some light down the road for me. My GI doctor just recently got me back on levothyroxine (had issues being able to afford a doc a few months back). Apparently my THS was so far off that I could have went in a coma or died at any moment (told me it was at 202)... None of my old doctors told me that could happen! I would have taken things more seriously, my old doctors only told me about growth rates, and I really didn't care if I say 5'5 and my nails grow slowly... They never told me of baldness, future heart complications, cellular repair, comatose or death.

    What I mean to say ladies, is that if you have a thyroid issue and have kids, please PLEASE watch your children for signs of thyroid issues and get them on their meds and in the mentality to take them every day and take it seriously.

    Currently on 25mcg levothyroxine to start the stepping up process.
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    help for PCOS

    In my research I came across a very good supplement for reversing PCOS and the high androgens, weight gain and infertility that go with it. It is called
    D-Chiro Inositol. Check out a website called ChiralBalance. There are published studies showing that this stuff really works. It is plant derived. It helps reverse insulin resistance and gets you ovulating again. Perhaps it might even help with the hair loss. But it will definitely help PCOS. Most Drs don't know about it yet (and probably never will) because it is not a drug. Good luck!!!
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    Most Likely

    hair loss is not normal, period. this is especially true for hypo or hyper thyroidism. the reason why hair is thinning or being lost here, is because the thyroid level is either too high or too low. you need to consult a physician on adjusting the frequency of your dosage or dosage strength. once it is corrected, any other symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc...should change, and also, re-growth of hair.
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    I finally have some good news to report, I am now 28 and after 10 years of hair loss , not only has it stopped, i see new growth. I knew before i even went in to see my doctor i would see improvement in test results, b/c i saw improvement, and I FELT great! My thyroid finally tested within a normal and healthy range. My Dhea is still testing normal.

    To get here my doctor changed my dosage to two grains of nature throid a day, it is just the right amount. I no longer take medication for dhea. I made a personal decision to change my life and started exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy. I feel like a new person.

    the bad news: along the way we somehow forgot to check testosterone, i think in the past it was normal but in the past 2 years we had not. my testosterone was quite a bit high. I am now on spiralactone once a day to lower it.

    I also found out i have a gluten allergy (which can cause hairloss) I knew something was off with me for years but never could pin point it. So now I am going gluten free

    In addition to that my doctor prescribed me a special mix of gel for my hair with different hair growth treatments (from harbor compounding) it includes an anti inflamatory, propecia, rogain type ingredients.

    it took time, patience, trial and error to get where i am with my hairloss today, but I am confident, in another year I will be reporting more good news!
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    If you talked to a doc or have done more research since march, Im sure you found that the type of hairloss you are referring to is different then what us girls are suffering from. If you loose it in patches its called alopecia areata if i remember correctly.... it can come and go, I have a friend who has it. Sometimes he has a full head, sometimes he shaves when it gets too patchy. Hope that helps!

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    I wouldnt give up with the healthy food so quick, i am a firm believer that food is key for good health. it took me about a full year of being healthy to notice a difference. I completely cut out red meat, no fried foods, lots of fruits veggies, no cheese, i went extreme, no mayo!, i avoid bread, whole wheat when possible (now gluten free!) , i recently did my first 3 day juice fast/ detox.. amazing!! exercise at LEAST 2 times a week. its not easy its a life style change, its hard, and i still struggle, but it has changed my life and i believe it can change yours too! There are tons of websites with great tips recipes ect for ideas/ support, good luck in your journey to good health!

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    A couple of resources to research....

    My outer eyebrows and hair in the frontal areas started to thin. I went to my chiropractor/nutritionist and determined via a bio-feedback technology called "Zyto" hypothyroid along with adrenal weakness. I started the following supplement program 3 weeks ago:

    Prolamine Iodine (Standard Process) 4 upon rising
    Zinc Liver Chelate (Standard Process) 2 with breakfast
    Adrenal Dessicated (Standard Process) 2 with Breakfast, 2 with Dinner
    Aqueous Selenium (Biotics Research) 4 drops with breakfast
    Actalin (Medix Select via Dr. Brownstein) 2 per day

    I am already experiencing slight hair regrowth at the eyebrows, looking forward to seeing what happens over the next couple of months.

    I also suggest reading the informative books "Thyroid" and "Iodine" by Dr. Brownstein, website[/URL]
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    Unfortunately, I can not say that hair will def grow back. My personal experience is no. I've been on a synthroid med for nearly 20yrs, and I started with alot of hair. So much that I complained about its unrulyness. Now, it is not half what it was, and the last 3 years have been a rapid hair loss time period. Until recently, I wasn't aware that synthroid contributed to hairloss. I think am nearing the point that wigs will be my norm. That being said, my mom has been on synthroid even longer and she has thick, beautiful hair! So, don't lose hope for your own story.
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    Thyroid Patient- Hair Stopped Falling out

    I am now a stabilized thyroid patient. I have had thyroid issues since I was in my late twenties. Now i am 39. Took me years to get diagnosed and treated.

    After not getting any results with my doctors I decided to work with a health coach that specializes in hormone balance since not only did i have major hair shedding but also irregular cycles that caused me to bleed in between cycles for years and no doctor could tell me why.:confused:

    She created a unique plan tailored to me and my specific challenges (i hate to cook and workout :cool:) and now my hair has STOPPED falling out and my bleeding stopped. I CRIED!!! She started with strengthening my adrenals and thyroid first because if those are not strong the system will have an imbalance. But Im getting impatient. My hair hasn't grown back yet! But at least it stopped falling out. I must admit I'm feeling anxious and have even considered hair transplant/laser therapy, but after reading the posts on here yesterday and today, I feel encouraged to continue with my protocol/health coach as I can see building ferritin levels is in her protocol.

    Thank you so much for the needed encouragement. I wanted to do this naturally from the very beginning and I feel like I'm almost there. THANK YOU!!!!!:>:>
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    Hair may or may not grow back. It really depends on the root cause for hair loss to begin with. I recommend creating a checklist of possible reasons and fixing those one by one. For example: diet, exercise, water, stress reduction, toxin reduction from makeup, creams, etc, ferritin, etc etc. you get the idea. But I will tell you this much ( I'm a senior thyroid patient): if your thyroid is not strong and you don't strengthen your adrenals, will be hard to create the balance you need. This much I have learned from my health coach: Balance is everything. For example, if you have a poor diet, there are not enough nutrients to feed your hair. Similarly, if you don't eat enough protein, same thing! Start with your diet and go from there. Good luck! ;)
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    hi peneloperivera,
    so very happy for you that u are experiencing cessation of hair loss! It is so true that balance is everything. It seems right now that my hair may have stopped falling as well. I am not sure I want to speak of it yet,( don't want to jinx myself), but am noticing a dramatic lessening of it falling.( about 3 wks)
    I stopped taking the thyroids meds that I was on for almost 4 yrs and am doing acupuncture 2x /wk. I did do acupuncture in sept-Nov of 2013 and lowered my meds but it had no effect. I stopped the acupuncture as it was getting expensive-lowering the meds made me extremely tired. I am thinking that the meds were plain toxic to my system, as different brands can have different side effects. I did suspect it for quite some time , yet although I had decreased the dosage a few times, nothing changed and I was afraid to try other brands. I definately have adrenal issues, so maybe once I stopped the meds, adrenals were finally able to relax and keep up the slow pace? who knows? I have been praying like crazy too!! Anyway, I would love to get in touch with you health coach if possible..they seem to get "it". will you please pass the info along to me? not sure if you can post it here, let me know and we can figure it out, thanks!