Don't EVER stop Biotin!

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by Jezah, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I started taking 5000mg of Biotin to help with my chronic telogen effluvium and took it for months, it really helped my hair and nails too. I noticed my hair stopped falling out like it had been, no regrowth but it had only been 2 months. Then money got tight, I ran out and stopped taking it.

    I kid you not I lost about 30% of the hair I had left in 1 month. It got so dry it was tangling and as anyone with TE knows, pulling to loosen a tangle leads to the whole tangle coming out in a ball of hair. I lost so much hair because of tangles and just my follicles obviously going into shock. I now have a very obvious thin spot on the front of my part and I am so mad at myself. I plan to start taking it again now, but this is just a warning to anyone on it. Do NOT stop cold turkey, under any circumstances
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    I've taken Biotin several times & stopped, but I've never noticed it affecting my hair.
    I didn't notice it improving it while I took it or making it worse when I stopped. I did notice nail improvement, however.
    I had started taking it in the hopes of it improving my hair growth, but it didn't make any difference. My hair still fell out & didn't grow back at all. Not even the speed of growth improved. I still continued taking it for my nails, tho. I had a lot of cracking & major splitting going on & the Biotin really did help that. My nails are still good after many months of being off the Biotin. I had been taking so many extra vitamins, the time, that I needed to stop. It was both expensive & some didn't feel worth it. I do still take some & probably won't stop these.
    I take a multi, a stress B, a Resveratrol, a Flax oil & a Co-Q10 daily. Adding too much more was driving me crazy & I choke taking so many pills every day. My weekly pill case was overflowing too & I had to cut it down somewhere. That's where the Biotin went. If my nails give out again, I'll go back to taking it. But not for my hair. I saw no improvement there.
    If it was there...I sure couldn't see it. Maybe I should try going on it again. I might notice it more now ?