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    Hi, I'm new on here but I thought my own story might be helpful to some. My sister has had hairloss ever since the age of 17 or so. (Front and top, later all over). I thought I had "gotten away" with not thinning, but after the birth of my first baby at 30 I lost a lot. It came back that year but thinner than before. I was able to hide it and, and it still looked okay but felt thinner.

    Ever since menopause at 55, my hair has been gradully getting thinner, and last year I finally admitted to myself that no matter how I combed it, you could see how thin it was on top and front. I used something called "DermMatch" ( brilliant!) to blend with my own hair which worked really well, but I gradually had to use more and more and in the end I felt that I seemed to be using it all over my head!

    Someone told me about hair transplants for male pattern hair loss, and saved up $5500 (not easy in my financial situation) and had it done. The doctor took a horizontal strip from the back of my head, harvested the hair follicles, and planted them in lots of 1-3 hairs in the balding patch. The operation itself was a breeze, but I had a lot of shock loss afterwards, and the next two to three months were hard to get through. My hair looked awful, I checked in the mirror about every three seconds and felt that it had been a failure. HOWEVER! I gradually relaxed about it and just got on with my life - it is now 10 months since the operation and my hair is full and looks and feels wonderful. I've thrown the DermMatch away, I can part it even in the middle and I feel that I have my life (well, my vanity) back.

    I've done a lot of thinking about it, and on reflection, this was the best $5500 I've ever spent in my entire life. I feel that it might be a bit late for my sister as her hair is thin all over her skull (I'm very sad about that too) whereas mine was still full in the back, so the hair there which is now on top of my head will not fall out.

    Don't give up! Hair-transplant might be a possibility for you if you save up the money. However, at the wise old age of 61 (haha), I also know that our looks are not all we have in life - if you are bald or wear a wig, get out there and strut your stuff anyway. You are you and you are beautiful if your heart is beautiful.

    I hope this is interesting or maybe even helps one or two of you.

    Lots of love, Krissie