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Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by keri13, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. keri13

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    Does anyone know of a good dermatologist/hair specialist in Miami or Ft Lauderdale. I can't find anyone who will listen about my hair loss. All Dr.'s say "your hair looks fine" but it is falling out, my scalp is visible and all my blood work is normal, except low progesterone. (I'm 44 so that isn't a big surprise) HELP!
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    Doctor Recommended in Miami for hair loss

    check out Dr. Antonella Tosti at University of Miami Hospital in Miami. She has been involved in a lot of research with women's hair loss. Also get on the network instead of the forum. Post a blog, the ladies are so helpful.
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    Thank you! I will call for an appt today and get in the community!
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    Hi Kip and kery13. I'd like to know if either of you had success with Dr. Tosti. I have had a negative experience and would like to know if mine is just an exception. Thanks!