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Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by catty, May 30, 2011.

  1. catty

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    Hi - any Aussies out there who can recommend a good Dr in Sydney area to see regarding hair loss in women (I am willing to travel anywhere in the wider Sydney area to see someone who has a real interest in hair loss).

    I am booked in to see a dermatologist next week - but I am concerned most dermatologists are more interested in skin/beauty than hair loss.

  2. genetic

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    How did you go?

    Hi Catty,

    I know it's been a long time since you posted your question, but I was wondering if you ever found a good dermatologist? I live in Sydney and am having trouble finding a dermatologist who deals with hair loss. Thanks.
  3. EllaBella30

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    Hi girls. Go see dr Knudsen, I believe he is Sydney based but also runs a clinic down in canberra every fortnight, which is how I met him. He is knowledgable and kind. He was happy to prescribe me finastaride but unfortunately I have been trying for a baby so cannot take it. Good luck - let me know how you go
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    Why don't you try dr. andrew kim. I came across his work as i also struggle with hair loss. He has clinics in Sydney, and you can actually get free consultations. I am not sure if it's still the same now, but you can check out his website. Anyway, one thing that really drove me to put my trust in him is the fact that he has gone through the struggle himself. This on top of his experience makes for a reliable service. He knows your struggle and he knows how to make it work based on your unique case. That's as far as I know about dr kim. I do hope this helps. It took me several months before I finally got to choose a hair loss surgeon.