Dude wheres my hair???? Vacra's hair probs.

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    First and foremost hello to all of you! M'names Vacra and I am losing my hair. At first is didn't really bother me that much but this year so far is really getting to me. I first noticed it when I shaved my head in 2005 when i had to undergo some tough training in the army. I usually had my hair short but I really didn't feel like having to comb and style it in the early mornings and while out in the wilderness. I noticed that the top of my head took longer to grow back. In time it got thicker and I didn't worry about it but about two years ago my crown started thinning again and kept getting thinner. Now I have to do a comb over or else my baldy patch will be all up in peoples faces (lol.) I used to have full thick dark brown hair but now I feel so lackluster about it. I stoped getting my hair done at salons because I'm sick of having to dicuss it with the stylist who asks if I'm a man (jokingly but hey it hurts.) I keep my hair cut short in a fauxhawk style but I still do the comb over. When I work my co-workers give me sympathy when i don't cover up well enough. Someone actually patted my bald spot while saying awwwww. My fiancee call me Michelle Rogain since rogain rhymes (its cruel its cruel) with my last name. I am thiiiis close to just shaving it all off for good and just rocking wigs and going au natural. Needless to say it is depressing me and I am sure we all go thru it until we come to terms with it. I just really wonder if it is permanent or is there anything I can really really do to make it come back or overtime is my spot going to take over my whole head. I'm 23 by the way, not sure if I said it before. It has gotten bigger since I first noticed it. When I wash my hair I find more hair than normal in my hands, when I comb i find more and more in the sink and the bathroom floor. I feel like a distraught lover, I just want it to come back! lol.
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    Welcome to the Network and know that I understand your lose. I don't have the answers to make your hair come back, but I think that you have a great attitude and when you can already think about wigs you are moving along really well. We just have to do what is right for us.

    I wear a topper and I love it.
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    Thanks for the support!
    I am totally on the verge of tears but I just have a big sense of humor thank goodness. I washed my hair today and saw that its shedding at a more rapid pace, there was so many strands in my hands and going down the drain. It's especially hard for me because I don't have nedical insurance so I can't go to a specialist, I cant go to any doctor!! I'm a college student on a fixed income so I can't afford to pay out of pocket. My mom took a look at my head today and said that I have the worst case of this balding since she is thinning and my grandmother was thin too. Since I can't get to a doctor I feel like I am in dire straights, my hair is going to continue to fall out and I can't afford to do anything and eventually I will have to shave it all off. It's hard to deal with.
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    You said something about the army, can you go a veterans' doctor? I don't know anything about vets' benefifts, but you wouldn't go for 'hair loss'. I'm sure they are as useless as far as hair is concerned as every other doctor I've seen. Anyway, you could make up symptoms (or maybe you really have some) to get a complete blood work up. I have blood works ups constantly due to a thyroid dissorder. My husband & I are BOTH using rogaine, by the way. I've become sooooooooo obsessed that I bought a little dirt devil hand unit to keep in the bathroom. I have to stop during my blowdry to vacuum up the stray hairs. I keep a mental count from shower, to comb out, to blow dry. I'm making myself nuts!!!
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    Without knowing what kind of hair loss you have, it would be hard to know whether it could go into remission or not. Beyond that, there is no cure for hair loss. We can use products that can slow down the process or even help hair to grow for a while, but a person usually needs to continue those treatments forever. Forever is a long time to be using chemicals or steroid injections and topical ointments or foams.
    You are at an advantage since you have already shaven your head. You know what you look like with it shaved close to your head. If you can rock the bald look go for it baby! If you enjoy beautiful wigs, do that too. The world is your oyster.
    Its ok to cry about losing our hair, but the important thing is taking control and having a plan of action. When we do have a plan, the tears tend to come a little less often and over time those sad tears turn to happy tears that you are content no matter what you choose to do with your hair.
    You can bic it and go Chrome Domed, or wear the hair you have always wanted. You can do both! That's the best thing about it all. :D
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    kdwmw- Thanks for the comment. Since I left the army early due to a previous medical condition-nothing that would affect my hair just a torn ligament- I couldn't keep my medical benefits for free. i would have to pay close to 600 dollars a month for it and sometimes I am lucky if I can make that with a part time job sometimes.Right now a doctors visit and a blood panel is a fantasy for me but a fantasy I wish can come true soon.

    Angela- I'm sure that the hair I have lost wont come back and I am trying to deal with that. I noticed that its creeping closer and closer to my hairline and soon it will be harder to hide it. One thing that is funny is that my fiancee is shorter than me and can't see over my head so it took him a long time to notice that I was losing my hair. We discussed it last night and he is supportive even if I decide to shave it again and wear wigs. I just really wonder how far it will go since my mother has the same problem but not as bad as I do. What really makes me laugh is the fact that I have to shave my legs every other day because the hair grows so fast and my chest and stomach and back are covered with fine hairs but I can't keep it on my head!! I'm also worried if I have a daughter will her hair loss be EVEN worse than mine. My grandmother passed to to my mother a bit worse and so on. Alas I am very happy to find women who know exactly what I am going through, this is great!