duration of iron treatment- how long?

Discussion in 'Iron' started by Elissa, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Elissa

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    For those of you taking iron pills, did your doctor tell you to take them indefinitely, or did your doctor instruct you to discontinue once your ferritin/iron levels reach a certain number?

    I have been on iron since March, and I am wondering if I am going to be on them forever-- or if I am going to stop once I hit a certain number.
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    Taking Iron

    Elissa, I think it depends on your levels. Once you get the iron high enough you can probably stop taking the pills. I have been taking different kinds of Iron for about 2 years....My levels have not come up enough to stop, the highest so far was 52 and that is not near as high as I need with hair loss. They have me taking Nu Iron now 150 and I always take it with food so I haven't noticed feeling sick.. even though I do feel tired not sure if that is the iron or just life. I think they would be happy if my levels would get around 100 hopefully this new iron will help me get there. Good Luck with your levels.. Lisah
  3. Elissa

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    Hi Lisah and Patti!

    Thank you for your replies. Okay-- so after I hit some magic number (what number is that?..haha) then I should stop taking the iron pills for 8 weeks and then get my blood work checked? So is it supposed to maintain in your blood even after you stop taking it? SO once it's fixed-- it's fixed? Sorry-- I am still a bit confused :p

    Thank you for your help!
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    hi, Elissa! i started taking iron last August and eventually got my iron from 16 up to a highpoint of 191! i had some fluctuation in the middle when I thought I had reached a good # (120) and then stopped taking it. For some reason, my iron level dropped off again and so I went back to it. The last time I had mine checked (June?), my ferritin was at 191 (I found a super-absorbable supplement that works incredibly well) and the doctor told me not to take it anymore except during my period. I have now been off it for 3 months and I am wondering if my level has held or if it has decreased. I need to go get it checked!

    you defintiely dont want to go beyond a normal range as iron intoxication can be very dangerous. What's your ferritin currently at, do you know?
  5. arjhay101

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    I think iron treatment would last from 2-3 months until your hair is going back to normal.
  6. NYCGirlie

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    What was this super-absorable iron supplement called? I'm on iron but want to increase my levels as quickly as possible. How long did it take you to go from 16 to 191? Im just starting on iron and wanted to know how long it will take to get from 16 into the 100s.
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    The main causes of iron deficiency are: poor absorption of iron by the body (Vitamin C aides in iron absorption), inadequate daily intake of iron, pregnancy, growth spurts or blood loss due to heavy period or internal bleeding.

    Anemia develops slowly after the normal stores of iron have been depleted in the body and in the bone marrow. Women, in general, have smaller stores of iron than men. Women also lose iron more frequently than men because of the blood loss during menstruation.

    In men and postmenopausal women, anemia is usually due to gastrointestinal blood loss associated with ulcers, the use of aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS), or colon cancer.

    Gaucher Disease may also cause anemia.