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  1. Robynkay35

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    I have bought one hair piece and two wigs. I first went to Darlene's beauty castle in duluth mn. the prices started at 150 and went up from there. I tried many on and didnt' like any of them. The next day I went on ebay and got two for .99 plus shipping was 17 dollars, so I paid 18 dollars for the same wigs that were at darlene's. Just a thought. Ebay has a lot of them.
  2. Currer813

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    Have you gotten your wigs yet? How did they look?

  3. stephaniebeth1

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    What was the quality of the eBay wigs like?!
  4. Balyfarl

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  5. Julia David

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    Most cheap wigs that come from Chinese eBay sellers are synthetic meaning they wont have human hair and that's also why there so cheap

    i feel like many of the people that answer wig questions on here honestly aren't the best type to get advice from since they wear REAL hair wigs and not cosplay/Lolita wigs.
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    There are many type of hair extension that you may choose and you can easily get them from online stores. These hair extension can change your look instantly and will hike your glamour.