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    I want you to know the info you provided about Thorne products have changed my life and my hair! Because of you I take all Thorne C, Biotin, Lysine, B complex, Follic acid. I've been on them for about 3 weeks now . Overnight my hair became shiny and within a week it grew I swear an inch. My 3 youngest children were all born healthy but LOW birth weight and I bet it's bc my body had such low or no Follic acid and iron.

    Your post possibly changed my life. I don't know for certain if I'm missing this gene (mtfth) but it sure seems like it. THANK YOU!!!! I wonder if by taking all the Thorne products I can now maintain a normal iron on my own? Or do you think I'll still have to supplement? BTW I have not taken any iron in about a month and just solely taking my "Thornes" :)