Estrone 0.05% Lotion? Anyone tried it?

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    I recently went to a consultation with a hair loss doctor in Toronto, and ended up buying a "new" scalp lotion that the doctor had brought back from Italy after a recent conference. Apparently it is commonly prescribed there for female pattern hair loss, but this doctor has only been prescribing it for a month, so has yet to see what sort of results it may get for his patients.

    I've been unable to find much information about it on the Internet, other than one Italian research paper describing the rationale behind it, probably because most of the information is in Italian. The bottle says the ingredients are:

    Estrone 0.05% HC 0.05% Transcutol 3% IN D-ALC

    I'm still sitting here looking at the bottle, wondering if I should be a guineau pig. Anyone out there have any experience with this stuff? Anyone know of other doctors in North America who are prescribing it?
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    I have not tried this solution but I am interested in trying it. Can you tell me the name of the doc in Toronto who prescribed it?

    Did you start using it? Any results?


  3. Trish

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    Dr. Robert Jones in Oakville, ON. And I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's experience with this doctor, who specializes in hair loss.

    I haven't worked up the guts to try it yet. Shortly after I purchased the product from Dr. Jones, I concluded that a moisturizer that probably has estrogen in it was the likely culprit for removing eyebrow hair where it touched the edges of my eyebrows. (Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair.) When I stopped using this moisturizer, the hair on the edges of my eyebrows started to regrow. Not conclusive proof of causation, and the estrogen may work differently on the scalp than on facial hair, but I'm still hesitant to put anything with estrogen on my hair, at least right now.
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    Hi Trish,

    Really interesting. I was in touch with the Italian doctor who "invented" this years ago. He really believed in it.

    As far as you eyebrow hair- yes, facial hair/body hair is inversely related to androgen stimulus. So estrogen on your eyebrow stops androgens and hairs fails out. If you do the same on the head- stop androgens- hair will grow.

    So i would really give it a try...

    Did you ask your doctor what the success with others using the product has been?
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    Sorry, I was excited when I read your post and did not read carefully.

    Trish, I don't think there is a PM function on this site. I tried to public message you but I don't know if that alerts you at all that a message has been sent to you.

    Would it be possible to contact me at
    I would love to ask you a couple questions, even if you decided not to use the solution.

    Thank so much!
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    Go natural on the creme, it worked for me. I am 44 years old and I have alopecia. Over the past few years I started having some issues with a hormone imbalance, which got much worse in the past year because of being pre-menopausal. My periods were out of control and my doctor wanted to prescribe progesterone in order to regulate my cycle. My paternal grandmother and mother both had breast cancer post menopausal, so the thought of using a hormone supplement scares me. Progesterone is thought to be safe, but it still has side effects, so I decided to look for a natural alternative. I started using a plant-based progesterone cream for my cycle and started to notice more new growth (I am also taking hair essentials, a multi-vitamin, and an iron supplement). I have always been anemic, and really bad about taking pills, but in the pas 7 months I have tried to remember to take my pills daily. My shiny bald spots are disappearing and being replaced with thin black hair, but the progress is slow. I started the cream about a month ago (I don't put it on my scalp) AND I started washing my hair with apple cider vinegar and all of a sudden I start seeing new results. I am not sure my hair will totally grow back because my hair loss has slowly progressed for nearly 20 years. I may have found all these remedies too late, but at least I have more hair on the top than I have in years.
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    Hi Naturalnappy, I am really glad something is working for you after all these years. Thank you for writing to relay your experience.

    I am not sure what you mean by "Go natural on the creme." What creme did you end up using? Did it contain estrone?
  8. naturalnappy

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    No I stay away from estrogen supplements. Too much estrogen can cause all types of hormonal cancers. Unless your doctor specifically instructed you to use estrogen I would avoid it. I am targeting an imbalance in progesterone. It controls our fertility, periods, and it plays an important role in the last trimester of pregnancy. Plus there is no risk of cancer with progesterone supplements like estrogen, but the synthetics have side effects, more so than the natural creams. Estrogen also causes an increase in fat cells and an imbalance in insulin and sugar levels.

    Regarding the cream I use there are several types of creams that have naturally occurring plant compounds that mimic hormones. Be careful with anything containing isoflavones (mimics estrogen) like soy use it in moderation.

    I use Wild Yam Moisturizer by Jason Natural Products. I like this product because its intended to help with a woman's imbalance in hormones. There are other creams that are made using plants rich in isoflavones that are also all natural, but because I am a vegetarian that eats tofu and drinks soy milk I am trying to control how much I use products with isoflavones in it. I included a link below with more information on Wild Yam Moisturizer. There are other products you can look into as well for hormone replacement. Your local health food store should carry different brands. There are both estrogen and progesterone creams that you can purchase. In the US the FDA does not require a distinction between sweet potatoes and wild yams or I would just eat more wild yams too.

    Jason's Wild Yam Cream