Evolve Volumizer - Anyone Experiencing Hair Loss After Using it?

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    I got the Evolve Volumizer to add to my thin hair. My hair looked great for (1) night, but that was all. The next day, I had a headache, and my scalp was sore. I am one of those people that need to wash their hair everyday, but this is clearly not the kind of hair piece that daily washing works on. The hair was a mess after washing it, and I could not even feel my scalp or feel water on my scalp from where the hair piece was covering.

    I finally got the Evolve Volumizer a few days later. My hair has been shedding massively now, which it was not doing before getting this hair piece. I am so upset!

    Has anyone experienced this? I feel like this thing has weakened my hair from the "clamps" and it is now shedding terribly. When I got it removed, I ran my hands through my hair and my hands were mega-covered with hair every time.

    I have PCOS, and I'm on spiro and bcp's. Since starting on these meds a few months ago, my hair has actually gotten better, and the hair loss has slowed down to what I would probably consider "normal", still thin hair with some bald spots, but much better than before I started on the meds. But after using the Evolve Volumizer, my hair is shedding profusely.

    I have thin hair already and baby it as much as possible. Does anyone have any experience using this hair piece? or is this what happens to those of us who already have thin, fine, and weak hair? And when will it stop?
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    I've had it on for 6 months, the last two months I've noticed extreme hairloss but the weird thing is, it's not just where the system holds onto but on the sides of my scalp as well.

    I've never been more stressed as now I have nothing to do but buy a wig. And that's what I did but was more nervous about wearing a wig so until i feel more comfortable about the idea of it, I had to stylist put the Volumizer back on.

    I used to use rogaine and since I had the Volumizer on I stopped it, thinking it didn't do anything anyway, well I think the combination of the Volumizer and not using te rogaine has caused my excessive hair loss.

    I feel your pain, but I don't think using the Volumizer one night is going to cause your hair to shed that much, I've had it for 6months and it's only been the last two months that I noticed hair shedding.
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    Since getting the Evolve Volumizer removed, I have been to 2 more hair restoration specialists and 1 expert hair loss dermatologist. 1 of the hair restoration specialists was just like all the others-- "oh clips won't damage your hair!"-- which I know is the furthest thing from the truth.

    I can tell you what I have learned, but kind of already knew. Anyone with thinning hair and/or excessive shedding (I have both) should not be using clips or anything that causes tension or weight on the hair b/c all it will do it pull more hair out. The dermatologist diagnosed me with CTE (chronic telogen effluvium) and said it was a must to baby my hair, which I do already.

    The hair restoration specialist which was the 5th I've seen, and hands-down the best I've been to, said she would never put the Evolve Volumizer in someone's hair like mine. I even asked her about doing a Katy Perry ponytail, and she said no-- b/c it will cause tension on my hair and only contribute to more shedding and pull more hair out. I asked her about a wig and using the wigrip and a wig cap underneath; she said absolutely not. She said with wigs, you can use adhesive or glue, which destroy your hairline and over time will cause permament hair loss around the hairline. She said using a wig cap and the wigrip over time will also make your hair fall out. I said why? She said b/c the wig cap has to be on tight to make the wig look natural, and anything tight or constricting around your head isn't good for your scalp or hair. She also said the scalp needs air to reach it, so you have to allow your scalp to breath so to speak, and a wig does not allow that to happen. The dermatologist told me this also-- he recommended trying the HairMax laser brush and said the scalp needs air and sunlight for hair follicles to grow hair. He said covering up your scalp will only do your scalp and hair more harm in the long run.

    The hair restoration specialist said the only thing that will work for someone with CTE (excessive shedding) is to use a halo-type wire that causes no tension and just sits on your head and can be removed easily (it lays underneath your real hair). She does white and black hair, so she said she has seen everything when it comes to hair. She also told me and this is disgusting-- that she has clients who have gotten integration hair pieces from other hair restoration specialists that have wound up with fungal scalp infections and bald spots. She said when a hair piece does not come off of your head w/o the help of a professional, and if you sweat and/or have an oily scalp, then no air gets to certain parts of your head, so what can happen is a fungal infection develops or you can wind up with bald spots. I wonder if this is what happened to you? Was the Evolve Volumizer covering up where you now have hair loss? Or it could be from stopping the Rogaine, or a combination of both?

    I'm so sorry to hear what's happened to you. I think the Evolve Volumizer is simply awful. I still wish I never had touched it. There is no doubt in my mind that it caused me to shed even more. It also left my hair broken where those silicone beads were clamped onto my bio hair. My hair is super thin now, but it actually looks healthier, but only b/c I went back to my usual hairstylist who cut off a lot of the broken strands and as a result, had to give me layers all over. When she saw my hair after having the Evolve Volumizer, she had no idea what had happened. I told her and she said had she known what I was going to do, she would have said no way can my hair handle that :(

    If you have to wear a wig, I understand, but please take it off as soon as you get home, and take a break from it whenever possible. If the Rogaine was helping, I would say maybe try it again. The hair loss dermatologist said shedding from Rogaine typically lasts 4-6 weeks. I hope you're doing okay.
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    Oh wow so I will shed hair from using rogaine? Oh this is just horrible. I have an appointment to meet with a specialist about PRP treatments maybe that with a mix of laser comb will help and rogaine. I asked everyone around and no one told me I would damage my hair from the Volumizer I wish I knew that. thank you for being so informative. I don't think its fungal infection but I guess we'll see when I go talk to the specialist.
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    YES-- you will shed from using Rogaine. Dr. Donovan said to expect 4-6 weeks of shedding from starting Rogaine. PRP treatments *can*work, but the equipment is not standardized, so unless you go to a reputable PRP hair loss dermatologist doing the treatments, you may or may not see much benefit. Dr. Donovan also told me this because there are PRP treatments near me, but they are not done by a hair loss dermatologist, they are done by naturopaths who don't really have a vested interest in hair loss :(

    If you see a hair loss dermatologist, they will tell you the ONLY laser comb that has been tested in clinical trials by dr's (and not by the manufacturer) is the HairMax Laser Comb.

    I could not find any negative info either on the Evolve Volumizer, I only found good info, so I tried it, and it was such a huge mistake. The hair piece cost $2k, was a total rip-off, and the hair was cheap. The hair did not feel nice, it felt course and dry and came out easily every time I brushed it or washed it. I wish so bad I had never touched it, it really did a number on my hair with more shedding (because the hair was too heavy and just pulled on my bio hair) and the beads where it was clamped onto my bio hair broke my bio hair off. And all this from a so-called expert trained in doing the Evolve Volumizer.

    Any dermatologist can examine your scalp and determine if there is anything going on with your scalp. Also, Dr. Jeff Donovan does Skype consults, which is what I did. It was absolutely worth it. I wish now that I would have just seen him and skipped the 3 dermatologists I had seen before him because he knows soooo much, and he is involved in hair loss research, so he is the most up-to-date on information. I feel so much better after talking to him vs. what the other dermatologists had told me, and now I finally have accurate information.
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    I dont think it's fair to say the Evolve volumizer is an awful investment, I have spoken to quite a few people its worked really well for, unfortunately just like everything, one thing works well for one person and not for another.

    I know that the volumizer you're talking about comes in 2 different hair types, one that is part synthetic, do you think this was the cause of the messy hair? although obviously not your main concern. The rings do not cut into the hair, if they are the rings that are made by the same manufacturer that are only supposed to be used with that system, if they were silicone then they are not the correct rings and you may well have a case there against your salon because they have incorrectly fitted your system, i know this because i personally use those rings and they are really good, and i've tried quite a few, its possible your stylist isn't using the correct rings :(

    As someone who also has CTE i would say that a hair system is a fantastic investment, I wouldn't be without mine.

    I think what may have happened in both cases is that the system was fitted incorrectly, with the wrong beads/rings and you should both complain and contact Evolve, I know the manufacturer personally so will tell them about your issues, which are just awful!! I hope you both get your money back and are able to move forward, I too had an awful experience with my first hair piece which consequently was why I decided to go into the industry myself, rid it of "experts" :)
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    Wow I guess Dr.donovan is well known because that is who I am seeing next week. I used to be a patient of his when he was at sunnybrooke hospital and the. He left to open up his own practice so ITS not until recently that I found out he finally did open up his own practice and I could book with him again. so I'll keep you posted if there is any progress but once I take the Volumizer off I definitely need to buy a wig I can't go out in public like this. It's so bad now and especially that I went from tons of hair using the Volumizer for 6 months to practically nothing it's devistating for me to see.
    I'm sure the Volumizer would work well for people with stronger hair but the last time I went to get it re adjusted an actual clump came right out of my head and it was all tightly wrapped close to the roots. it was a piece from where it was clamped with the beads. My hair isn't breaking off, its being pulled out from the roots. At least that's what it looks like.
  8. EsmeMarie

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    I am so glad you are seeing Dr. Donovan. He is truly an expert in hair loss, and he is really nice!

    I am soooo sorry you've lost so much hair with the Volumizer. My hair is like yours falling out at the root. I assure you had I kept the Volumizer in for even a few months, I would have no hair left and would also need a wig. My hair is really thin and has spots all over so I use lots of Toppik. My hair is not strong either, it is thin and fragile and can't handle much. When the beads were removed from my hair, it felt like someone was pulling my hair straight out of my head! That is what caused all the breakage-- removing the beads. The girl assured me she was removing them correctly, but I wish I would have had my husband use the pliers because I know he wouldn't have hurt me like that.

    Let me know what Dr. Donovan says, I hope so much he looks at your hair and feels you will recover and grow your hair back. Sending you lots of luck :)
  9. Sasa23

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    You are very sweet! Thank you so much.
  10. queenofthemacabre

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    From what you're saying it's not the volumiser it's the application and the rings that are being used, it's causing traction alopecia. Do you have any red areas around where the hair is coming out? This really is awful and I would definitely take it up with the salons because the last thing they want is bad press so like I said before you should get your money back. I have very weak hair and chronic telogen effluvium so my hair is not strong and volumiser is really good although like I said before I'm not using the evolve my system simply connects around the perimeter of my head.
  11. EsmeMarie

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    OMG!!!! I went to a salon that supposedly does lots of Evolve Volumizers, and the woman said she was an expert at it. After only 3 days of having that thing removed, my scalp had sore pinkish-red spots all over it. It hurt just to gently touch it where all the beads were. I called her back because she wanted to put in another Volumizer on me, I said heck no, my scalp is more bare and it's really sore, she told me this was all normal and to be expected and that I would have to get used to it. This was clearly not normal. I called her back again days later to say my hair was shedding far more than it was prior to having the Volumizer and I did not know what to do and left a message, and she never even called me back. Now I wish I had had my husband get the toolbox out to remove those beads with the pliers.
  12. queenofthemacabre

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    I don't know what to say other than I'm horrified that somebody would fit something which is such a sensitive nature so shoddily, if you were in the UK I would invite you over and show you how it's supposed to really be done. Don't lose all hope regarding volumiser's you could always go for a system that just attaches around perimeter which is what I wear and I have no issues with if anything it covers up the hair and I forget I have hair loss and since that my hair has stopped shedding.
  13. jprincess

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    Hi! I am new to this site . I recently got the volumizer and had the same experience , after a few days my head was so sore , washed my head and the volumizer looked terrible !! I conditioned well and tried everything to make it look good . What a waste of money , my husband removed it for me after 2 weeks and I brushed out a sink full of hair :(. Even at that I was so glad to have it off of my head and still have a sore scalp after a week .
    I'm seriously considering a Follea piece . I have never worn a wig before .
    I have hair extensions but my hair is very thin in too and extensions are hard to cover now . I'm seriously considering just shaving my head and going with the Follea gripper . I'm vacillating back and ford between the gripper or Aeo 2 wig .
    I'm scared because this is all so expensive and don't want to make a mistake .
    Any advice ?
    Thank you so much and like everyone else this has been a long , expensive and heartbreaking journey but I'm working hard on trying to be thankful and positive !!
  14. jprincess

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    Thin on top , I mant
  15. EsmeMarie

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    This is so terrible, I feel really bad for you. Be really really thankful you had your husband take it out, since it would have been worse. I had to beg this woman to remove the Volumizer in 3 days, I couldn't take it, and I could not go to work, I looked terrible and all I did was cry. Had she not taken it out in 3 days, I would have made my husband take it out. I think it took a good 2 weeks for my scalp to start feeling better and not feel so sore or hurt even when I washed my hair gently. I would say do not shave your head. I have thought about that too, but I really don't want to look at myself bald. I go back and forth between getting it all cut off really really short, and then I decide I don't want shorter hair than my husband. I've even asked my hairstylist who is a friend of mine, and she keeps telling me no she won't do it because she know I will be even more depressed, which is probably true.

    Speaking of wigs, Follea has beautiful wigs, very expensive though. The one I tried on was gorgeous, but it was $4,500, eek! I really couldn't afford that, but it sure was pretty. If you opt for a wig, definitely get a good one, and make sure you go to someone who can cut it exactly how you like it.

    What is the hair perimeter system? Is that a topper with clips, or something different? I'm not sure I know what that is. Does it have a name? and how does it attach?

    I totally agree with you, this is a heartbreaking, emotionally draining and devastating health problem to have. It is very expensive to conceal hair loss, and people just take advantage of us. Ironically, out of all the hair restoration specialists I have seen, only the last one (#5) had actual hair loss and was wearing a wig, so that is probably why she was the kindest and nicest one I have seen.
  16. jprincess

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    The Follea aero 2 wig comes in a topper and in a lace front wig .
    Yes, both are expensive and that is why I'm having such a difficult time making a decision . The topper can be done with clips or tape or bonded , I think , depending on which topper you choose . I'm looking at the one that you can only use clips with to take in and out everyday .
    Which follea piece did you try ? Was it natural looking ?
    Thank you so much for your reply, it's nice to have someone else understand this process ! I totally regret putting on the Evolve as I've had more hairloss since taking it off . I think it just pulls on your natural hair so much.
    I know some women have liked it and so I'm happy it's workimg for some people .
    Thanks again ,
  17. queenofthemacabre

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    Jprincess, I can assure you it's not Evolve system itself it's the way the piece is attached into your hair and the rings that are used. I can only assume that they are putting it in way too tightly and I think it's a real shame because it doesn't take much to learn how to do it properly the whole point of the systems is to stop extra hair loss :(
    I don't know about the US, but I know that in the UK some of the top salons actually probe their clients into shaving their heads, it basically locks the clients into staying with the salon when there is absolutely no need to shave your head, you just need to find the right system for you, The right application method and someone who knows what they're doing.
    My best advice to you is to look for hair loss solution specialists like myself, and purchase a piece that works perfectly for your needs. My website will soon be offering a system where you can purchase a tailor-made piece and it gets delivered to you. It's not up and running yet however I can suggest some similar websites for you to have a look at if you're not sure the Folea is the way to go. $4,500, oh my goodness that is crazy, LOL.

    PS. The perimeter system uses the same type of technique as the evolve but instead of the points being all over, Where you connect, you just connect around the perimeter. It's really kind to the hair. Sometimes people prefer a system like the evolve because it has integration my piece for example that I'm wearing, literally sits on top of the head then I have a lace front. I take it off every 4 to 6 weeks and give a good wash but with the lace fronts you can detach them and get your hand under the system and give it a good scrub that way too :)
  18. jprincess

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    Suggesting another website would be great ! Yes , so expensive !
    I so much appreciate your help ! I've already been looking at your website to see if you offered any piece that could be mailed .
    Your website looks great and the very best of luck to you !
    I'm sorry for what all you have been through , as well ....
    It's all going to be ok , though

    Many blessings to you
  19. EsmeMarie

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    Can you list some good websites that you would suggest? and please put your website out here when it's ready.

    I have been to hair restoration specialists here who tried to push bonding and made it seem like shaving your head to bond the supplemental hair to was no big deal. I thought these people were crazy! I thought well you go and shave your head then, and then tell me what you think. Some of them will even "offer" to shave your head, as if that is a service. If I needed to, my husband would do it for free.

    The place I went to for the Follea wig was kind of pushy, so that was a real turn off, and I did have $4500 to just hand over. It was a lace front wig, not a topper, made from natural hair. The toppers I got from 2 different salons were both $1500, and 1 topper was not even colored or cut, which would have been more money on top of that.

    I have never heard of the perimeter system here in the US, and no one has ever mentioned it, so maybe not many salons do that here?
  20. queenofthemacabre

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    I'm really glad what I'm suggesting is helping, if you can give me a few days and then the shop will be set up for my website if you prefer. I'll see if I can track down someone in the US that does the perimeter system. That is really kind of you regarding my website, I worked my butt off on it ;) xx