experience with wigs less than $100?

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    so I've been seriously shopping around since my hair has started shedding to a point I can't ignore anymore.. I've been using toppik every day now (and hoping I don't suddenly run out) and it's been a miserable journey. My boyfriend doesn't like to talk about it with me..

    Anyways, I'm running out of ways to cover it up. And I'm tired of having melt downs when I look in the mirror. But I'm also short on money, I definitely can't spend more than $100 on a wig, and realistically I'm looking more at a $50 budget right now. I did see some on various websites that were in my price range, but I can't afford to spend even that much money and have the wig come in and look completely fake.. I plan on shaving my head soon. So I was hoping one of you ladies might have purchased or are currently wearing hair that would fall into my price range, and what vendors to look at. I need something that will last a couple of months until (hopefully) I can afford something better.
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    Rene of Paris makes pretty good synthetic wigs in the $100 price range. At this price, the wigs will most likely be standard cap constructions, meaning they will not have a monofilament top or lace front. The best kind of wigs for this cap style are short styles with height since flatter styles will make the lack of a part noticeable. I've tried some cute ROP styles like Tyler, and it's available at Name Brand Wigs for under $75, I think.

    Gabor also has some cute short styles. I was just looking at one of their new ones, Imagine. Very cute pixie cut (I don't even wear synthetic wigs anymore and I'm so tempted by this one!) It is also around $75 if you call Name Brand (it's one of their "sales" so you have to call instead of ordering on-line). I have a petite/average head, and I've found Gabor caps to run a bit large on me. ROP caps run a bit smaller and fit me better.

    Jon Renau also has some decent non-mono wigs. Occasionally, JR wigs seem to feel drier faster than other brands - and I've tried all the major synthetic wig brands: Amore, Rene of Paris, Noriko, La Vie, Estetica, Envy, Jon Renau, Gabor, Louis Ferre, Raquel Welch and Tony of Beverly and I'm probably forgetting something ;-) My first wig that I wore full-time was actually a Jon Renau though and it held up pretty well.

    Also, since you need this wig to last several months at least, definitely go for the shortest look you feel comfortable in (so if you can rock a pixie, go for it!) because the shorter the fibers, the less likely they are to frizz and tangle. Synthetic fibers that rub against our clothing or that we're touching frequently to get out of our face will get drier and wear out faster than shorter styles.

    I hope this helps, and good luck finding a great wig!
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    Actually freetress wigs are like $30 and I prefer them over the more expensive. I'll post pics soon. However, if u find s beauty supply shop that sells wigs in the African American section of town they will carry the cheaper $30 wigs and u can try them on. I wear freetress valentineand Valerie with lace front and invisible part. They cost $30-$40 and are just as good as the $400 wig I bought. Trust me if your paying hundreds you're getting robbed. I've bought them and quality is no different.