Eyebrow Steroid Injections

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Corinne13106, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Corinne13106

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    Yesterday I received my first round of Kenalog injections for both of my eyebrows. I am AU and after reading something about this treatment and an unexpected trip to the dermatologist I asked about it and decided to go for it. I have not had eyebrows for almost 7 months and I thought that this could offer a happy medium between drawing on my eyebrows every day and getting a temporary tattoo that could last for a year or more.

    Has anyone else received this treatment or something similar? I am curious to hear how it turned out for you etc. I have my next set of injections scheduled for the end of March and am hoping to see results within a few weeks of that.
  2. Corinne13106

    Corinne13106 New Member

    Just wanted to say that after only 2 1/2 weeks I have started growing baby eyebrow hairs!!! :D I was in shock for the first week and am still so thrilled! They seem to be growing fairly quickly and I am hoping that within a few more weeks I won't have to worry about drawing my eyebrows on every morning. My second appointment for more shots in this coming Friday. Just think...they're already doing so well and I still have another round of shots to look forward to! (the pain is well worth it :rolleyes:).
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    Congratulations! That's really interesting that you can regrow eyebrows. I lost most of my eyebrows over the past two years for unknown reasons. I believe it's hormonal just like my hair loss. I ever new about injections for regrowth so I went the tatoo route a couple of months ago and am very pleased with the results. I only wish it was a permanent solution. I was told about 3 to 5 years and then I'd have to do it again. Maybe I'll have another option by that time. I'll be following your progress. I'm in Canada so I'm not sure if the procedure has made it here yet but I'll be looking into it. Thanks for the update. :>
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    I would just let nature take it's course. I'm not keen on the idea of taking steroids. But good luck anyway!!!