Feeling Suicidal

Discussion in 'Thyroid' started by ForeverBlue, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Don't ever think of suicide, that would be the biggest mistake you could ever make.. you have to believe in yourself, the only person that is stopping you from doing what you want is you.. you have to learn to over come this situation that you're in and find solutions.. go to a doctor, let them give you some pills for ADD.. I suggest going to a herbal doctor, they give you medicine that are real and natural, unlike the chemicals.. at least one thing you focused on was writing this huge paragraph, so you aren't that bad.. you can gather your thoughts in writing.. maybe you should be a writer.. a lot of ppl have this issue, you shouldnt feel alone, and know that there is help.. go to a doctor, this is the best advice i can give you.. you are probably going through this phase to learn a valuable lesson in life.. stay strong and fight it, and you will be fine :) just know that this phase will pass and tomorrow is a new day.. God Bless..