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  1. kellyjean

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    So, I was peeking over the shoulder of the endo yesterday, and I noticed my ferritin was 19. I asked her about it and she said that over 10 was okay.


    I've been reading that your ferritin should range from 30-160 and that it really should be at or above 70-80 to stop shedding and regrow hair.


  2. Elissa

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    From everything i have read on the WHLP main site, the women have informed me to try to get ferritin to at least 70.. so this has been my goal. Yes-- yours is too low. Many of the women recommended Slow Fe brand as an iron supplement, and that is what i have been taking. If you want to see my progress with it, just click on my WHLP profile (the link is below) and click on my blogs.. I posted my blood work. ;) My ferritin is crawling up slowly but surely since March.

    I hope you get your up too! I am so glad I listened to the girls on here and not the doctor who also thought my Ferritin of 13 was perfectly fine :eek:
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    Have you noticed that since your ferritin is rising that there's been a decrease in the amount of hair that you've lost?
  4. Elissa

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    Unfortuntely I dont think my ferritin was the end all / be all of my hair loss.. I have a LOT of other stuff going on which is mroe likely ot be causing it.. I have adrenal insufficiency (which I just started treatment for 2 months ago) and I think that contributed to my hair loss.. but I honestly have no idea.. i also have hypothyroidism. I have so much stuff going on.. it's so hard to pin point the cause of the hair loss. I havent had any improvement since rasing my ferrin (it's still not reasied enough though so it's too soon to tell).. but I didnt want to discourage you.. I am just a complex case..haha. But it can only help to raise your ferritin.. I feel good just knowing I am attempting to treat my hairloss from every angle / possible cause, you know?

    Good luck. I hope more people post about their results with raising ferritin... i am curious as well if it helped to stop peoples hair loss.
  5. kellyjean

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    Wow, that's quite a lot to handle all at once. I had my adrenals tested a few days ago, so I hope there's nothing wrong with that as well. But I had the lab send my bloodwork results from July and my ferritin has dropped to 11. Eeeep.
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    I also have a lot of different issues going on. after going to a dermatologist for a year and also 2 endocrinologists and they all said either i was fine, all my bloodwork was fine also, or they couldn't figure out why I was losing hair. I finally went to a dr who told me that my iron saturation was way too low bordering on anemic, I have thyroid resistance, and adrenal insufficiency. So it is also difficult to tell what is causing the hair loss. I am on IV ferricilit once a week which I started this week. The doctor told me it would take years to get my iron up by taking the supplements. I am also taking compounded thyroid hormone and compounded cortisol. It seems though that the hair loss has worsened every time my thyroid dose has been increased which is frustrating. I think the hair loss now is the worst its ever been and its getting more and more noticeable. I am using toppik powder which helps a little but it is still so difficult. I am nervous that even with these treatments it may not get better.