Finally brokedown!

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    Okay I had a total meltdown last night. After trying to think positive all day I came home to pull dozens of strands at a time out of my hair. Then I washed it and dozens more came out. I stopped counting at around 200 or so. I couldn't mentally take it. So I broke down and cried for hours.

    My wonderful husband...who has been so supportive this whole time...just held me and listened. I am fortunate enough that my hair still looks normal (on top-I'm thinning a lot on the bottom) but it is about half of what it was 8 months ago.

    That is when this all started. I noticed more hair on me, on the floor, in the shower, in my brush...I thought it would stop if I ignored it. But eight months later it seems to be accelerating.

    I have no idea why this is happening. There was no trigger other than starting to work after being a stay at home mom for eight years. Nothing seems to stop it or make it worse. If I run my fingers through my hair I get a least 5 strands every time! If this keeps up I may need a wig or something.

    I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to review my blood work...which all came back normal. I have no idea what to do. Please help!
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    I know how it feels ..the mental torture of pulling one hair after another and it seeming never ending. I'm sure you know by now all the blood tests etc you should do but you should look into those results that may be "normal" but on low or high ends (i.e. ferritan, hemoglobin, hormone panel). Myself, I went research crazy when this started for me about 2 and half years ago. I lost on top first then that slowed down and then the second year it was all coming out from the bottom near nape of neck. it was all very strange and mentally devastating, over powering and takes over your life.

    The shedding does slow down in intervals it won't always stay consistent. That's sort of the good and bad. It can get slow and you may feel calm then all of sudden due to some weird triggers it can go up again. I don't think starting work would cause you to loose your hair. I also had tons of shedding for the last few years and while my hair has changed dramatically, I still look normal and look like i have a full head of hair (although some parts are so thin especially on top).

    Maybe take iron pills, and test your hormones and thyroid? I had a scalp biopsy done by a derm which showed AGA, but other hair specialists (trichologist) said they don't think it's that becuase you usually don't shed THAT much with AGA. They narrowed it down to my ferritin not going up regardless of taking so much iron, slightly off thyroid and low progresterone. When I started thyroid med, natural progesterone pills, and increased slowed down. Mind you, it did not stop and it was still thinning but the number of hairs shedding went down by a lot.
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    Hi and thanks so much for answering! When you say you've been shedding for the last few years and your hair still looks normal how much were you losing approximately per day? Did you have any regrowth? Just curious. I seem to be losing it from all over but notice it more on my sides (above my ears) because the hair was thinner there to begin with. I am so scared I will have no hair if I keep losing this much! I don't see any regrowth but it's hard to tell. I have recently purchased a topper to make myself feel better and it does help take my mind off of things. I really have been obsessing over this lately. :eek:
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    No Problem! I know how it feels to go through this and it helps to talk to others going through it. I was losing around 100 hairs a day and although that's supposed to be "normal" it was not normal for me. I hardly lost more than 30 or so when all was normal. I lost about 50% of my hair which is devestating. I was in a complete state of misery and let it take over my life. I had very thick lustorious full hair. The quality is still very good but the volume is gone. It's thin, there are spaces and and looks blah unless I really style it with volume rollers etc. before I would just air dry and it was thick and volumnous without much styling and no sparse spots at all.. Now, there are spots with alot of thinning, especially towards the back and crown and sides. Only people who knew my hair before would see there is a difference because I don't style it anymore and just tie it back most of time. I lost it from all over as well. I also felt I will have no hair or look like like an alien but haven't gotten there yet. I see small hairs regrowing so there is regrowth but I also see a mix of those small hairs and long hairs when it fell out. And I say "fell" in past tense, cuz tt has now completely stopped because I'm pregnant and I'm dreading to see what will happen post partem. I can't believe how much mental torture is lifted when just the constant friggin shedding stops. I am so much happier in the present and feel like I should enjoy it before the tornado hits :( I am seriously so worried on how I will look after I have the baby and what the shedding will be like. I am hoping that somehow someway it has stopped but am being realistic. I look normal now and can live with my thinner hair but any more than this it will just look ugly and I won't be able to style it. I have to think long term about what I need to do to keep my sanity. Does a topper look natural? Is it easy to wear?
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    The jury's still out on the topper. I paid $1100 for it and it's real human hair. I think it looks great and I've worn it to work twice now. No one has noticed. I think it looks very natural as the texture and color is exactly the same as my bio hair.

    But when I take it off my hair just looks worse to me and I get more depressed. It just reminds me how thin my hair is now. I just can't win. Maybe I should have just cut my bio hair really short. My husband would kill me though after spending all that money!

    I guess I'm just never happy. I think this would all be much easier to deal with if I wasn't still shedding hundreds of hairs every day. I literally have a nervous breakdown on shower days. I wonder how much longer I'm even going to have enough hair to wear a topper.

    The lady at the wig store told me I still have ton of hair left and I didn't need one! WTF! I don't get it. My hair is so thin! Just because I'm not completely bald yet doesn't mean I don't have problem.

    Sorry for the rant and thanks for your kind words. I hope your shed doesn't start again :eek:
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    Dear Laceygirl,

    I'm literally crying while reading your posts, cause I really feel for you.

    I am so happy that I found this forum today after sitting on the floor of my shower for an hour or so, crying. My hair has been falling out for over a year now and whatever I try I cannot controle it. I don't even recognize myself anymore. All I do is cry, I dont have any energy. Luckily my boyfriend is very supportive , but I just can't accept the things that are happening to me.

    I also have at least 6 stands or more when I run my fingers through my hair and it just won't stop.

    How are you feeling now? Does your topper give you more confidence or do you still feel as bad as you described in your posts? I hope you are feeling better! I wish that I had any advice for your, but unfortunately we're on the same boat.

    Lots of love,
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    I wish I could say things are better but they're not...

    It sort of comes and goes in waves. Some days I think "I can handle this" and other days I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. Every morning I wake up and fear touching my hair. I was hardly styling it for a while which was making me feel worse.

    My hair, also, is still coming out in ropes. I used to be scared to shower (that's when it's the worst) but now I find if I force myself to wash my hair every day I feel better and my hair looks nicer. Also I notice less hair falling out this way because it doesn't build up inside my ponytail or under my topper for days at a time.

    And I also lose dozens of hairs every time I run my fingers through my hair. I swear if I did it all day my hair would just keep coming out! It's really depressing. After losing around 300-400 hairs per day for the past hair is noticeably thinner (mostly on the sides) and this is why I wear a topper.

    I really like it, although it does take time to get used to it (kind of like wearing a hat). There is also a learning curve involved:

    How/where to place it on your head
    How to wash it
    How to blend it with your bio hair (at the hairline)
    How to store it
    How to secure the clips

    I don't find it causes any more hair loss (I was really scared of this). And most of the time I forget it's on now that I have been wearing it for a while. I have never had an experience of it coming off or loosening and I have worn it to work numerous times for the full 8 hours.

    I would say if your hair is at the same point as mine...maybe you should also consider a topper. They are expensive. I paid about $1000 for mine (real European hair), but it is beautiful.

    I have also found that the Revlon "twisters" (buns) are really nice. They are synthetic but for $15 you can't go wrong. You can buy them at Sally's Beauty Supply (in store of online). I put my hair in a bun and then add this and it looks way fuller. It's nice for work for the "updo" look.

    These things do not take the pain away but they do help me resume my "new normal."

    Thanks for responding and I wish you luck in finding your cure. Hugs and take care hun :>
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    Completely with you guys on this... Some days I'm ok, but a lot of days I'm crying and obsessing about it. My friend had the same condition as me (AA) and she told me that I should stress only when I absolutely have to and need to look in the mirror. Then cover it up and move on with the day. Well, that's easier said than done when my hair is falling out everywhere! But it did help her and she has regrowth.

    I can't afford a real topper, so I bought a synthetic one. Still trying to figure out how to make it work and look realistic.
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    Boy, can I relate to that!

    Oh man, does it ever drive me crazy when people who don't know my history or situation make comments like this! Thank you for sharing this, after a few times I thought maybe I was becoming too worried about my loss. My hair loss has my self esteem in tatters and when I stop to think about it I know I'm right to worry, my hair may look normal to others but I know that it is 1/2 of what I had less than 2 years ago. So frustrating!

    Thanks so much for means alot and helps so much!
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    Yep same here, lost 50% of my hair and it mostly the temple, hairline and crown. My hair is in terrible condition. But I'm not giving up dammit! I'm doing onion juice and I'm taking Viviscal. Whatever I do I got to stay consistent with it for at least for 6 to 8 months. So I'm going to keep trying and in the meantime I made my own topper that I use to hide the damage why I try and find a way to get some regrowth started.

    I also think it is very shady of these companies to charge women going through a very stressful and traumatic experience $1100 for a hair topper. That is very expensive. :mad::mad: