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    Dear Women!

    I applied to the forum not to tell a panic story but a success story. I read a lot before and now I think its time to share my story. It started all around 2/3 years ago. I lost 14 pounds, quit the anti conception, moved to another country, got a tropical disease etc. Well result: my hair started to fall out like hell. I had no clue of what it could be exactly.

    In the beginning of 2011, I decided to cut my hair short (From over the boobs up to my EARS!!!) to see if I could fix it a little bit because it was so thin just like my little pink. Well it was terrible, I lost my identity, myself, my being, my happiness, my innocence, my self confidence, just everything in just one day. I started to try expansive pills, shampoos en shit and washed and I started to blow dry my hair every day to make it look like something. Well nothing helped and I had to live with it and I hated my hair, thought every single minute of the day of my hair, hated every girl with beautiful hair and started to read about hair all day when I had to study, or other important stuff to do etc. My wedding was beautiful but I could not have the dream look because of my hair etc. etc. etc. I thought: "I will never be happy again if I do not get my hair back, well that were very sad thoughts".

    In 2012, I went finally to the doctor and they gave me ANACAPS and minoxidil, which was terrible. My hair started to fall out like crazy and my eyes were red and I was dizzy all the time! So after one month I could not take it any more and I decided to do the following in December 2012:

    From the microgynon I started the Yasmin pill (do not know if this was a good idea, because now I am getting fat and my libido is 0 and I am scared to stop with it, because I am scared my hair will fall out again, as happened in the past when I stopped with my other pills, so I have to figure this one out)

    I only use soft shampoos from lavera and started to wash my hair 2/3 times a week. (yes I walked with shit ugly hair in the beginning) Because my hair was so dry I discovered that it need my own natural oils, which only start to produce it self after the third day I washed it, after a view weeks my hair looks still ok after 3 days without washing.

    Further, The night before I wash my hair I put oils in my hair, like jojoba or coconot oil, advocato oil etc. do a massage and put in the roots and ends. So I do this 2 or 3 times a week. (this treatment is a MIRACLE believe me)

    I started to take acid folic 800, biotine 5000 and silicea gel every day.

    I started to live more healthy, with fruit and vegetables smoothies, fish etc.

    I started to hoop dance

    Satin pillow case

    well guess what? I am happy again, my hair gets back its volume, its getting longer after two years! Its getting thicker, I have new growth, My curl is coming back and this is all in 6 months!, In the past couple of months people that just got to know me said:

    * "Your hair is so beautiful!!"

    * Girl: "Wow your hair is so thick, I think I now a very nice style for you!" Me: "haha no it just looks like that, if you feel it you see its all baked air" (however this did me realize that I can create the illusion of having thick hair! )

    * "Are those curls of your own?" said a girl with incredible thick and long an beautiful hair. Me: "yes they are mine" Girl: "wow wish they were mine" (believe me my curl was gone for 2 years)

    Well, you can understand that these comments were so important for me ! and I could not even dream of such comments 2 years ago and you can understand that those girls are my best friends now :).

    Good luck every body who is still in the dark valley , believe me you can clim b out of it! I am not totally cured yet, but still going strong and I am getting there, life is to beautiful and what is happening to our minds because of our hair is so scary, don't let it get you!
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    Can't even tell you how thankful I am for you posting a "miracle" story thank you so much for Sharing. Do you think by any chance it could be the BC you started taking that has helped?
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    I do not know exactly. I read that microgynon could cause androgenetic process and therefore I decided to take yasmin. However, it was better if I first started to the other things, and see if those worked as well.. because there are a lot of scary stories of people who lost all their hair after quitting with yasmin. I think therefore, it is a combination of everything I did. But I recommend you to first try the other things before you start to use yasmin. I am very scared to quit with yasmin now. I took yasmin for 3 months, and than in december I started to take the silicea, biotine and acid folic, and it is from december that I their is finally positive progress and regrowth!

    However, I think the most important is to try is to set your mind on other things. It is like, if you look at a plant all day, all night, you will never see it grow and it will take forever. I know it is the hardest thing to do and so easy to say, and it takes time before you can take that step. But my husband really pushed me to set my mind on other things, to walk out the door without looking 2 hours in the mirror from different angles and light etc. because that is what really makes you sick and depressed. The supplements can help with finding peace inside, because than your sure your have some kind of treatment.