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    My new years resolution was to post my story. I never posted on a site like this before even though i have spent the last 10 yrs looking them up and reading all your stories in case one might ring true for me which they did. I think as a woman we are all effected by common ailments iron fluctuations hormone imbalances etc. But do they all contribute to our hairloss? Probably in someway but this is my story. Im 32 yr old irish woman and a mother to 2 kids. My hair was lovely and thick as a child but in my teens started to thin and gradually became worse when i was approx 26. By 2011 i was shedding at a rate of knots. My scalp burned so much i would have to slap my head to ease it. Nizoral was brilliant at cooling the scalp. Viviscal hair fibers were great too for camouflaging but i eventually has to get a hair piece.
    I never felt very healthy everything would point to thyroid problems but levels were always ok -so frustrating. I would get tired and very confused and even forget words .. so odd but no matter how much iron and every other vit could not make it better. As my hair got worse i went to the doc who was terrible and told me to use thickening shampoo.. i cried after that visit. I went back and insisted that all bloods were taken again and i asked to be sent to endocrinologist and dermatologist who told me to go on mens rogaine after scalp labs came back negative. I already had a baby which i had to seek fertility treatment for, so no plans for baby no 2 at that point so agreed. He explained the dreaded hairloss thats why i opted for a hair piece as any further loss would mean bald patches!!! This was such a bad idea girls please use carefully. I was on it for 1 yr with no great thickening only worse bald patch at the front and back. I asked the dermatologist whether it was a good idea to be on it as it was initially used for lowering blood pressure and i have very low blood pressure - he said it works differently for everyone n sure you might as well try it for 12 months!!! But if i feel faint come off it... great doctors here in ireland !!!!

    fast forward 12 months when I came across a reflexologist/physio/a very wise man who changed my life. My husband had went to him for physio and raved about him so i booked in for a reflexology session to see what he could see? He diagnosed me with low blood pressure - no shocker there but also with adrenal fatigue the combination he said had thrown my body out of sink and he was going to put me back together lol i said to him if you do get me back to the right level how do i stay there and seemingly you just do unless your body gets knocked around again.
    now i never told him about my hairloss i had my piece on so he couldnt see. He put me on a cardio machine and gave me a reading that was very low. My body was running at half mast. Also my adrenal fatigue may have been caused by a number of things i was sick in my college days suspected glandular fever and have suffered trauma in my youth so take your pick!! after torturous reflexology sessions adrenal fatigue drops and a wonder vitamin supplement guess what my hair started to grow back immediately. I felt amazing like i could run a marathon. What ever was in the juice was like rocket fuel. i actually started to run and the next month i was PREGNANT. I never needed to take contraception as that part of me never worked either but now seemingly it does. I stopped the juice when i was pregnant but have started it back on it now since number 2 has arrived. My hair piece was put in the drawer 6 months later obv your hair grows when your pregnant and with a little hair fibers in parts (my hairdresser says im over critical) im really getting to where i want to be just 14 months later. I cannot believe i spent €€€€€ on doctors upon doctors who did not believe my weird symptoms only for a natural healer to fix me !!!!

    Hope this might help someone xxx
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    Hi maria32,

    That's so awesome to hear. I'm glad you were able to find a solution! I have a couple of questions:

    -How often and for how long did you have reflexology sessions?
    -What was the brand/type of adrenal fatigue drops and vitamin supplements that you took?
    -Had you ever been diagnosed with PCOS or hormonal imbalances? A lot of what you experienced is familiar to me, except I also have PCOS on top of it. I have read about adrenal fatigue and I often wonder if I have it. I've always been tested for thyroid issues and, like yours, mine always came back normal.

    Thanks! :)
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    Hi rjade829

    I always did reflexology for general wellbeing and esp during pregnancy but it was only when my new reflexologist diagnosed adrenal problems and started to really work on the adrenal spot that the pain would be sometimes unbearable it eased tho after around the 3rd session when they were starting to function again, seemingly he bearly touch my feet but it was crusifing!!!
    The drops were called adrenal support (with real adrenal) and the vit juice is called Core rhythm inner gold from Irish natural Medicare. It is a bit expensive but I was told that 3 months supply should see me right and increase blood pressure etc
    I was never diagnosed with pcos but my fertility specialist did say that they were a little overactive with some big useless eggs but nothing that might be reducing my chances to conceive. I ended up on hormone injections that luckily worked first time. As I was told when your adrenals are out they cause strain on all other parts of your body esp hormones and thyroid so I def do think the fatigue was the route of my problem. It often mimics thyroid problems - same symptoms but I was caught as there are thyroid problems in my family, overactive and underactive, so I do think I also have a slight problem. My sister's doc put her on a very low dosage for underactive thyroid even though her values were just about in the normal range as she was suffering all the effects. not all doctors agree with doing that but he said it was ok as we differ in our tolerances and she would nearly instantly see if drugs were needed so if adrenal is not your problem it may be worth a look into seeing what your T values are? They might be borderline?

    Hope this helps x