Finally had the PRP procedure

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    I have not posted in some time now...But wanted to let everyone know who might be interested that I just came home from having the plasma Injections that you have talked about on the site.. I waned everyone to know because I read the informaton on this site everyday concerning hairloss. It has taken so much of my life and I'm hoping this will help and help other people who are willing to try it... I will let you know more as only time will tell what will happen... I hope this is the right way to post this information because I have never understood how to post correctly.. Please keep me in your prayers and lets all HOPE it works out!!!!!! Any questions I will try and answer for you, Keep fingers crossed??? LOL Lisa:):):):)
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    Definitely keep us posted about how it works out for you! What was your experience in having it done? Did it hurt? How did you feel after having it done? :)
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    :>Lisah thank you for posting about your treatment. I am very interested in reading about how this works for you. I have been having some success with some hormone treatment but it never leaves my mind completely that I may need something more down the road. I so hope you have success with this new technology. I'll be praying for you.
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    Respond to the PRP

    Hello, just had thought about it and thought about the procedure until I decided what the (Hell) I have had 3 hair biopsies and so I'm like it shouldn't be to much more painful than those were??? Well I went to Tampa Florida that is where Dr. Greco is located and it didn't take but a week to make the appt and get into the office. Procedure doesn't take long at all..... maybe a total of 1 hour from start to finish.... Draw your blood out( about like the amount you would give to Red Cross) Put into the machine that separates the plasma and then while you are waiting they numb your head where they will be injecting( the whole front part of my head is the thinnest) constant needle pricks( ouch) but still not that bad??? to me it wasn't... then they infuse the plasma back into your scalp that does hurt but it's really just pressure) If you've had major dental work it is similar to that.... the shots are about the same just more of them..... Then you leave with a hat on or not... depending on how you feel.... Your scalp looks kinda bloody and similar to when you have red dye mixed into your hair.... leave it over night and wash in the morning.... Today my head feels like something has happened( hard to explain) painful Yes... taking tylenol and drinking plenty of fluids but nothing to to bad.... The hardest thing probably for me is the waiting and hoping that it will work for me???? They have had good results but like everything else in life there are no 100% sure things... He thinks I will know within a few months hair-loss should slow way down or STOP and that would be great and sometimes it can help follicles that are not dead but dormant??? So we will see... Lets stay hopeful and positive !!!!! I really think it could be the answer for lots of people IF it does what they say it can....... Lisah
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    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for sharing about your PRP procedure. To me, it is one of the most promising treatments that have come along. It makes sense and there is actual science behind it.. and bonus I don't really see a downside to trying it. Worse case you loose the money you put out, but that is no biggie, still worth the attempt to help stop our hair loss!

    Happy healing and I'm hoping this helps you! :>
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    prp research

    Hope you are feeling up to telling us more.

    I am meeting with a doc about prp next week but would love to hear your thoughts. I am a researcher/writer and plan to write alot about this. I am wondering if you also tried laser.......i bought that hair comb but haven't jused it yet.
    If we can put a man on the moon, somebody can solve this.
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    More information about PRP

    Okay, I'm not sure what else I can tell you about the procedure... I guess I really got interested after reading about it on this site!!!I have tried alot of different vitamins and supplements and nothing really has slowed my hairloss ??? I have always had very low ferritin and I am taking nu-iron 150 per day since going to the Wake Forrrest Dermatology Dept.. I guess I'm hoping for slowed down or STOPPED hairloss would be GREAT!!!! I was not given a time frame because it differs from person to person and depends on the type of hairloss?? I have been diagnosed with Chronic Tel. Effl. and also AGA which nobody in my family really has so go figure... I think it all started with my thyroid going out and then hormones going crazy and then the added stress of all that....But hopefully time will give us some positive results.. Most women are not good candidates for hair restoration( i am diffuse all over) so that is not really an I'm like have nothing to lose except money and I have spent plenty of that on different doctors who were no help at all.... Time will tell if it will work?? Everyone keep fingers crossed and hope for the best... If I can help more please let me know because I know exactly how it feels(shitty) going through the loss of your hair!!!!LOL Lisah
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    Lisa, you are so darn sweet. I hope you are recovering nicely and that any pain has subsided.

    I just took extensions out after 3 years. Hair looks like shit and way worse than before. I am just beginning this journey and trying to get all the tests (not easy ) but my mom lost her hair and my sisters are well on their way so I am sure that I will have the heredity diagnosis also. I am so, so sad but my fiance is being so great. I am lucky for his support--he is bald but looks hot--too bad women are stuck with a different stigma!

    Just wondering if you travelled to that doc and if so, why you chose him. I am in AZ and there are two docs here that do it but I have no objection to travelling!
  9. Wantresources

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    How are you doing? Saw the Scottsdale doc and he HAD NO IDEA anyone was using prp without transplants. I will save you the details but he was a real jerk and i walked out crying! Would love to hear more from you. I hope you are doing really well
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    Checking in after PRP

    Hello, just happened on the site where I had posted about the PRP injections.... I wish that I could tell you some real good information but it has only been about 2 weeks since having it done...Hair shedding may be down some but it has not completely stopped yet?? Which they never said I would have any results this fast... I am still trying to be positive right now and keeping hoping and praying that we will all get to move past this pain in the ass problem, Anyway who did you see in Arizona?? and what are they telling you?? Sorry it took me awhile to find your post.... Thanks, for checking on me though.... Lisa
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    Hey Lisa -

    Thanks for updating us. I had the same treatment done, I posted it about it here:

    I'm happy to hear you are keeping positive about the treatment! :>

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    Keep the faith Lisa!

    Hi Lisa,
    Good to hear from you. Am glad you are staying positive and doing well. No worries about the delay. I seem to loose threads all the time.

    Did you see that the admin wrote about prp too after she got it?? I called Greco's office for an appointment. The Scottsdale doc was Dr Shelly Freedman. After waiting forever for him to get off the phone and see me, it was all very weird. Neither he nor his assistant knew anything about it and he was incredibly rude. Clearly, he is not the right person for me to work with. Now they are pitching me on Hair Laser. Might try that but certainly not there.

    Anyway, glad you are doing well and reach out for support anytime. xo
  13. Wantresources

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    checking in

    Hi Lisa,
    I keep loosing your posts too. Must be operator error on this end.;)

    In AZ, I saw Dr Shelly Freedman. Less than impressed and he looked at me like I was crazy. Hair loss is allegedly his speciality but he was very very negative and insensitive. Didn't seem to know about Greco, even though they are allegedly affiliated.

    Am praying for you and hoping that things are progressing for you. Happy Thanksgiving
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    Please update about Platelet rich plasma therapy

    Looking for updates for PRP therapy. Please send word.
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    Respond to PRP Therapy

    Sorry I haven't posted in Awhile..... my attitude hasn't really been the best lately. It has been 3 full months since my PRP and I'm not where I would like to be with the hairloss issue..anyway I can say that I am still hoping for better and hoping for better for everyone with this shitty problem..... still have shedding and I'm not sure the first 3 months were better as far as shedding... but I also started using prog. cream.... but I would do it again and will probably again when they tell me to ......I haven't seen new growth like I was hoping but maybe the next couple of months will bring that(hopeful) anyway I read on the site that a new compound was being used when transplanting hair that increased the number of follicles.... so maybe they will be able to use this compound in PRP therapy... that would probably make it a better solution to the problem. I hope this can help some... I would do it again... I am not where I would like to be but I also have very low iron and have not been ablein 5 years to increase the numbers.... The next step for me is to have a procedure that would stop my periods and maybe then my iron would increase since nothing else has worked to get it up........Good Luck and Keep us posted and I will do the same..... Lisah
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    bioscor PRP

    Thanks for all the updates on PRP - am considering having it done in Australia but the company Bioscor (which has offices around the world) has only been performing the procedure here for 5 months... anyone know much about them or contacted/used them in the US/Canada or anywhere else?