First Me, now my son?

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  1. Julie Bowman

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    Hi everyone,

    I've struggled with hair loss for the last 15 years and started wearing hair his year. It has helped me so much. I wonder why I waited so long. I hate that I have to do it and be uncomfortable and always thinking about it still, but at least I feel like a 'normal' woman again. I have not been diagnosed with anything specific other than Hashimoto's which I believe is the cause of my hair loss.

    These past two months my 7 year old son has developed about 5 bald patches on his cute little head. His doctor and I believe it is allopecia aerata. WTF???? He is 7! They aren't noticeable unless you pull his hair apart, but they are there and I fear what kids in school will do/say if/when it becomes worse.

    I struggled with it for so long and I know the hardships it caused me and I am heartbroken that my sweet, innocent boy will have an entire lifetime with this battle. Just looking for support/empathy/encouragement. I feel guilty for passing on my flawed genes and just wish I could shelter him from any harmful words or stares that he may get. Sigh....
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    Hi Julie, thanks for shaRing your story. You are a brave abd strong woman and you will be the encouragement for your son. Im a 31 year old woman that is slOwly losing all her hair, and I know I often sit and think about my girls and pray they never have to go through this, especially at a young age. Sorry this is happening to your son, I will keep you in prayers, and don't give up! !!
  3. Julie Bowman

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    Thank you so much for responding. We are trying to stay level-headed and not get caught up in the 'What-ifs'....but that is hard. :( Thanks again for the support!!!
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    I hope this story may help a bit: my daughter had a male friend in grade school. He had alopecia, but his hair grew completely back by the time he was in his teens.
  5. Julie Bowman

    Julie Bowman New Member

    Thank you for writing me about that. Any glimpses of hope are helpful. :)