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    So here goes. I'm 31, a mom of 2 ages 6 and 4. My nightmare began around 20, but it didn't actually get noticeable until after I had my last child in 2011. You know the big after pregnancy shed, well mine just never stopped. I've been to countless doctors. Everything is "normal". The past three years have been the worst of my life. The hair on entire right side of my head is WAY worse than the left. I have diffuse thinning everywhere but its worse on the right side. The top is bad as well and when i'm outside in the sun you can really really tell now. Before I've been able to hid it with tinted dry shampoo but now its too thin for that. I know stressing makes it worse but how can I not stress??!! I've had beautiful THICK hair my whole life. Now I don't feel attractive anymore and i'm scared of whats to come. I've been using Rogaine for 15 months now and I see NO improvements but now i'm scared to stop in fear of worse shedding. I'm so depressed and have horrible anxiety and i'm scared to take any medication in fear of it making it worse. I'm only on birth control which I've been on since I had my daughter and i'm scared to come off that too because I know there will be a huge shed. I can't sleep and feel extremely nauseated all the time from all the stress. Nobody understands how I really feel. My dad is almost bald, so thanks dad, but he just says "look at me, I don't care" but he's not a woman. This is just one of the worst things for a woman to deal with and now I fear for my daughter's hair.