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    I'm 49 and I have female pattern baldness (is it abbreviated FPB?). I've just given up on Rogaine, having used it for almost a year. Previous to that I tried one of the laser hair wands they sell on QVC - also ineffective. At first I was baffled by my hair loss - assumed it was a side effect of one of the meds I take - it wasn't. Then I remembered that I had an aunt who wore a wig, another aunt with only sparse fuzz on her head, and my grandmother wore a hairpiece/bun - all on my mom's side. With that realization I accepted the condition. My issue is that I've gotten no understanding from friends and family. All I want is validation that the condition s*cks. I don't cry over it, I'm not wallowing in self pity, and I don't complain. But they say "you can hardly see it," "I only notice it when you're sweating (after exercise)", "just wear a cute hat", "I've seen worse," "you focus too much on your appearance" . . . Meanwhile, based on the progression of the thinning over the past year, I figure I'm only about year away from needing to wear a wig. The thinning is all over the top of my head, with one area of my part an inch wide, barely concealed by just a few hairs. I already feel better reading the posts here.
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    One other comment I get is "it's so common" - is that supposed to make me feel better?
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    We understand.
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    I feel your pain-I am now 62 and my hair loss started in my late thirties but was becoming quite noticeable by my mid to late forties. I knew that it was getting progressively worse, I could hardly style my hair to hide it and yet family and my hair stylist kept saying "its not so bad or its hardly noticeable and the big one was "there are so many women with less hair than you." I think it bothered me the worst that my long time hair stylist ignored my hair loss problem, I know she could see the major loss of hair over the years. But she just kept trying to tell me there was not a problem and not to worry about it. Well I tried everything too and nothing helped much. Fast forward to now -I have just enough hair left to cover my crown and I am still trying every new thing and idea that is out there. My hair appears healthy, just very thin. But I have found ways to hide some of the thinning and to get on with my life. I also remain hopeful that the things I am doing now ( Rogaine, Proscar and home Hair laser, along with vitamins ) will stop the rest from shedding and maybe even improve on it. Its definitely looking better than it did a year ago. It's just so sad that my sisters still have tons of hair and I have to struggle every day just to hide my hair loss. so don't give up, keep looking for ways to stop the shed and to at least improve on the hair you have.
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    I feel your pain. I am 55 and the loss has been getting faster and faster over the last few years. It's mostly on the sides and very front, so at least the top part can be flopped over the empty areas. I am also trying Rogaine again. I haven't told anyone I'm losing it, bec. then I'm sure they'd notice, tho don't see family much and have almost no social life (ok; that's my choice).

    This may seem mean-spirited...but somehow it makes me feel better: I notice so many celebrities with thinning hair. So just because you're famous, beautiful, talented and rich, and can spend hundreds of thousands on your appearance, doesn't mean you won't lose your hair.
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    You are not alone. I am 40 and I get the same comments. Before I went to dr everyone was like it will grow back. Dr says it isn't going to happen and I am unsure how to handle or what to do. I get the "it isn't that bad all the thin on top and on crown...strands. I hid with makeup but can you irritate the scalp more?
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    in only the last 5 years, massive changes and discoveries have happened in the supplement market.

    Most notably for hair loss sufferers, they may have a gene that keeps them low in folic acid (b9), b12 and subsequently iron. All those 3 are connected.

    the mhtfr gene is present in about 50% of people, and means you cannot absorb normal folate and b12, and taking them actually makes you deficient in them.

    the solution is to take very specific forms of b12 and folate .

    1) get tested for the mhtfr gene
    if you test positive :
    2) throw out any supplement that uses folic acid, folate, or cyanocabolamin
    3) avoid foods fortified with b12 or folic acid
    4) start taking supplements that contain the active forms of b12 and folate, like this

    Thorne also make products designed for people with the mhtfr gene

    Several companies do, so look around.

    I believe that when you start taking the activated forms of b vitamins, along with the lysine and vitamin c and iron of choice, that is where you can begin progress

    b6 is also a problem for some people, and they would need p5p instead
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    Did you get hormones checked?
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    I know how you feel about products. A waste of money and time. I HAVE heard that Rogaine has helped some woman who have FPB. However, it takes a long time, can cause a ton of shedding in the beginning (thats the old hairs being pushed out) and you HAVE to be patient (which Im not). All that is if it does work. It is only for those who have androgenetic alopecia, though. I have been diagnosed with that. Let me try to explain why it doesn't work for some from what I have learned from this forum and others as well as my own experiences. When I tried it it didn't cause the hair to grow back more that pause the shedding. Now, why did it pause it rather than growing new hair where I need it? Well, hair comes in so many cycles and apparently once all the cycles are finished the follicle dies and scars over. Meaning, no more hair no matter how you try to treat it. That is where hair transplants come in. However, if there is immense thinning over the entire scalp transplants are not a option. Then, unfortunately, we are stuck and wigs are the only option. All this is why we need to catch the hairloss early on and try to get it diagnosed as soon as possible before it gets to that stage.
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    Hair loss is painful.
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    I know I have met none of you, but I know you all have incredible courage, resilience, and are relentless in your pursuit of survival and triumph which makes you incredibly strong and beautiful. You have been stripped and whipped underneath your skin and are still here, still climbing, still running. What could be any more admirable? I admire all of you and started crying today, not because of my hair loss alone but also because of my thankfulness and awe of you all, the existence of this site, and the collective will power to not be overcome. In my darkest moments, I see your lights. Just being able to see that has kept me alive. And I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for not allowing this road to be traveled alone. And I want to extend the same comfort to anyone who may be reading this. You are not alone. You will conquer and come out of this thing stronger than you have ever imagined possible.