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    Hi ladies,

    Thank goodness I have you guys to be 100% real with the biggest vulnerability I have. I have been saving money for a long time and am finally at the point where I am ready to purchase a 100% human hair wig. As you know, it is a nerve racking feeling to spend so much on something you could so easily throw in your closet, if not the right match for you.

    I have 1200 saved after about a year of saving. Is this realistically enough to get something completely undetectable, or should I continue saving to get the holy grail ultimate solution? I don't want to buy something that is almost....undetectable. Should I save up more for a follea? Could I spend half as much and find something just as nice? I am ready to jump but not sure where to.

    I have 2 appointments next week with hair restoration studios to see what options they have, and just want to be prepared about how far my money can take me before they try selling me something that doesn't work.

    Thank God for strangers that understand you more than friends or families ever could in certain issues of your life.

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    Hopefully some one with some experience will help you. I am in the same boat looking for a solution with wearing hair. Just wanted to let you know I hope your appointments go well and you find something you love. from what I have seen you can get something in that price range, I have the same questions as you as I want something undetectable, and not sure if I should wait on a follea.
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    I am going through the same thing right now. Losing our hair is so awful, and I have not come to terms with it emotionally. My case is caused by Accutane (took it 30 years ago, hair falling out steadily ever since). I found some great youtube videos by a young woman who answers a LOT of these questions that we have. She mentions brand names, discusses whether to do synthetic or human, etc. Links at bottom. But leap - it definitely seems that we can get a high-quality, high-end piece for under $1,200. I say this not because I have been through the actual buying, but I have been researching it for a week straight now. The woman in the video recommends and I've been on their sites and have become very impressed. On hairdirect's home page, they have a link called "what's it cost" ... they lay it out plainly for us. I think rpg show is also transparent re prices. I would love to keep in touch with you both on our journey. Right now, I'm still wearing toppers. But will probably start bonding wigs within a year. Check out this link - and watch her other videos, too. The hair is amazing. "How to Put on a Wig With Tape and Glue": ... and "White Girl Wig Buying Guide": ... I've posted on this site before and gotten no replies ... that can be so disappointing, when we need help with this so badly! So I thought I'd share what I've found so far.
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    Hi Catgirl0306 and NeedHope,

    Just wanted to drop in a random note of support and thanks for the reply. I am still skipping along the journey. Just wanted to let both of you know that I found an unbelievable wig on ebay used for 500.00. They come from the UK, and are 100% human hair. I have not worn it in the Summer because I have not figured out a way to wear hair in Summer heat yet. However, I just wanted to throw out that sometimes you get little glimpses of hope while in this dark forest.

    Also something I found out that is awesome way to conceal your wig is to set it slightly behind your hairline (even if its barely there) and then pull your front line bio hair back with the wig hair and braid it on the side and pin it up. This is essentially binding the wig to your bio hair and keeps it in place. It also makes the wig look absolutely undetectable. I cried infront of the mirror the first time I looked back at the self I had lost.

    I have not worn this out yet because I was so miserably hot underneath the wig and could not tolerate it out in the Summer heat. I am looking forward to wearing it that way when the weather cools.

    Another little thing I discovered: Putting clip in hair towards my nap, flipping it over my shoulder and tying it into my bio hair to do a braid. Then I put a head band or wear toppik to cover the top of the scalp.