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Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by JessicaTiffany, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Hi I'm just getting to the stage of ordering my first wig. I'm probably going to order one from a brand called Noriko. I don't know what the usual price for a wig is, I've heard they are expensive and I didn't find this brand to be too bad, does that mean it won't look very realistic?

    Has anyone had any experience with this brand, or could anyone suggest another??

    This is the one I'm thinking of, any opinions??
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    Take a look at your choice

    Hi Jessica, you've chosen a beautiful long one. You can see a video review of it here including how it looks on the reviewer. It'll help to refer back to the site if you have other wigs in mind. You can also try for additional reviews. Downside is that not all wigs are reviewed. I also noticed that it's on sale. Looks like you can save approx. 33% if my conversion calculations are correct, which is a fantastic savings. Worth checking out their shipping as they do ship internationally:
    [Link removed]

    I recently purchased a lace front wig from the Rachel Welch collection on another website. It doesn't need adhesive and looks so realistic . . . like the hair is growing right out from your scalp. It can also be parted anywhere and is heat friendly so you can use your styling appliances up to a certain temp. I am happy with it and hope you're ecstatic over your 1st purchase. Have fun hunting :)
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    thanks I'm looking on there now. Have you ever bought anything from

    The rules for buying online in America are a bit different from England so I'm a bit nervous of buying one incase it turns out to be the wrong colour or something. But then it is a lot cheaper than in the UK! All the ones over here seem to be nearly double the price =S Not good when you're a skint student!!

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    Wow, great price!

    Hi Jessica! I've searched their website before but never purchased from there. Wow, 71.38 BP is a fantastic price shipping included. Ordering a color ring would defeat the purpose because of the additional cost of shipping that to you. I've never used a color ring. The first time I ordered a wig, I chose a blended color closest to my own hair color, which was easier since real hair is not monochromatic. It was even better than my own hair color and I've been ordering the closest combination to that no matter what brand I buy ever since. I know how hard it is to carry the expense of a wig as a student. Personally, at that price, I would go for it. I hope your choice of wig and color is perfect for you :)
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    I had dabbled in online wig buying even though I still have enough hair left (just preparing for the future). While the wigs do not look bad for the price, I have found that sometimes what looks good on the dummy head doesn't suit me at all and it's hard to pick the appropriate color based on the images online. I hope that's not the case for you, but if it is, search around for a salon that carries wigs to see which one looks good on you. Good luck!!!!