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    Just a little note. Yes you can get a nice realistic wig for under $100. I suggest before you do anything you go
    to a wig shop in the African American community nearest you. They are often simply called beauty supply
    stores but you can call ahead and ask if they sell wigs.Most do. There are two types of cheap wigs, cheaply
    made bozo looking wigs, and well made wigs sold at very good prices. These stores generally carry the well
    priced ones. These places also often carry human wigs, toppers, pieces, tracks and some high ticket brand
    name wigs. The employees will let you try the wigs on and help you with your selection for free whether you
    purchase or not (minus the $1 wig cap cost). After spending thousands over the years i walked into s beauty
    supply store with a friend and stumbled upon this. It was the best thing I ever found. Just in case you want to
    see exactly what I mean by good quality,here is one I found to be equal quality to my old $600 wigs.The brand
    I like which is good quality and generally under $50 is the Freetress Equal by shake n go. Their human wigs
    are called Milky Way. There are also many many other companies with similar quality and pricing. I would
    never suggest purchasing a wig online unless you have previously tried it on. However not everyone has this
    luxury, so when/ if u ever purchase online, dont go just by the companies picture. Look the wig up on google
    images to see it on different people and look it up on youtube where they often have full reviews. Good luck
    and God bless you in your journey