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    I have long hair, all the same length. That is until one day I noticed 2-inch-long tufts of hair growing from where I used to have "bald spots" on either side of my forehead. Yes, that's growth, and right where I needed it the most. I found out what works for me and I wanted to share.

    But first, here's what I tried that did NOT work:
    Vitamin D

    I've always had thin-ish hair, but in the past few years it was getting so thin that no amount of product or styling could hide what was going on. My solution is actually inspired from something I read on a men's hair loss forum. Here is the routine that works for me:

    Morning (WITH FOOD):
    Saw Palmetto
    Black Cohosh

    Evening (WITH FOOD):
    Pumpkin Seed Oil
    Stinging Nettles

    + Evening TOPICAL:
    Open 1 each of the pumpkin seed oil capsule and stinging nettles capsule; mix together in small container.
    Apply one drop at a time directly to scalp in areas where you desire growth. You will not use all of the mixture. You'll need to get very close to a mirror. I apply with a toothpick; a dropper would work too. Do not do this over carpeting... it can get messy. Once on your scalp, the mixture should not be so runny that it drips onto your forehead... it should generally stay put. Wrap your head in some sort of thick cloth headband, or just put a towel on your pillow, and sleep with the mixture on your scalp overnight. Shampoo out in the morning.

    VERY IMPORTANT: I found the regrowth only happened when I took the above pills at the same time every day (e.g. 8am and 8pm). This makes sense... keeping your hormone levels steady all day every day gives hair the green light to grow.

    All the above doesn't necessarily mean that I disregard the iron/vitamin C/vitamin D approach. In fact I make an effort to get out in the sun as often as I can (Vit. D absorption best with no sunscreen, middle of the day, for short period of time). And, the week before and the week during my period, I add iron and vitamin C to my routine (lunchtime) (iron should always be taken with vitamin C).

    Hope this helps!
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    How much saw palmetto do you take a day?
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    Alternate weeks - 160mg then double up the next week.

    Only side effects are noticeably bigger boobs, and I recover about 50% faster from the gym. Can't explain the 2nd one.