Found a decent hair stylist in MD/DC/VA metro area!

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    Hello all!

    I originally made an appointment with Dov in NYC, but him and I clashed in terms of schedule. When you live and work in Maryland it's difficult to take time out of work (and money) to deal with hair! But I will see him one day.

    Luckily, through another hair loss forum I found Ms. Diahna Lynn (Hair Enhancement Studio). Diahna was really nice! She works with women dealing with hair loss due to alopecia to cancer treatments. In fact she works with wigs, hair extensions and other hair "enhancements" inside hospitals when she visits her clients. She also uses wigs herself (though I'm not sure if it's because she needs them, or because she likes them) either way - if you own a piece, I'm sure she can trade secrets. In addition, she has experience with ethnic hair as well.

    Most of all she is more than used to seeing and working with women with hair loss. So I didn't feel uncomfortable at all about seeing her - unlike the previous lady who cut my hair and told me to "just take a pill and hair will grow."


    I went to see her for a hair cut. My hair is already short, but I can see some scalp in the frontal area that has been tough to hide recently - and the more my hair grows, the more noticeable this spot is. I thinks she did a good job cutting my hair, and I'm happy with it.

    She said she charges $75 for a hair cut normally. My hair was "easy" and already short as she called it, so she charged me $45. She of course also styles hair pieces. She accepts insurance and payment plans.

    Her salon is a business park/bldg complex - and it's a little hard to find. It is in the center of Silver Spring, so it's accessible if you're coming from DC or VA. You can take metro, but you'll have to find a cab for a short ride. I suggest parking in the public garage ($.75 an hour I believe) and walking a short block to her place. There is very little parking at her location. She just recently moved to that location, so she's still organizing her office.

    Here is her info:

    Diahna Lynn
    Hair Enhancement Studio

    Good luck ladies!

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    Thank you very, very much. I've had a terrible time trying to track this information down--and so I especially appreciate your providing it.
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    And about that other hair loss forum...

    Could you tell me where you heard about Diahna Lynn? I'm interested in finding as many online forums (and off-line, frankly, though those are even harder to tap into) as possible.

    Thanks in advance--and again for the stylist recommendation. I read somewhere that most hairstylists are trained to deal with women's hair loss issues (!)...and my experience has proven that they really, really are not.
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    So sorry, I just saw this!

    I am not sure why I'm not receiving notices when people reply to my posts. Nevertheless, I apologize.

    Honestly, I just found her by doing a Google search for wigs, and other hair treatments and wound up at another hair loss forum - which now I can't remember. I guess she popped up because of her work with cancer patients. She visits them in hospitals and works with their wigs.

    I agree that it's very difficult to find off-line forums. I want to build a Meetup for women and hair loss, but I guess women are too self conscious to actually participate in any kind of face to face support? Even though quite frankly I think that's what we all need. We could use some human connection.
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    Still seeing Diahna?

    Just curious if you're still seeing Diahna and continue to have a good experience? I live in DC and just recently noticed my thinning hair. I'm still in the process of getting a dx, but I'm pretty sure it's mild AGA at this time. I'm really struggling with this, especially since it's still very new, but I'm trying to make the best of the situation and would like to find a stylist in the area who has experience working with women with hair thinning/loss. Anyhow, do you still see Diahna? And do you know if her salon sells products like Toppix, etc.? Thanks!
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    I've heard good things about Diahna. Has anyone gotten a topper from her?
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    I'm so sorry I'm responding only now! I took several years off of the forum. Still appreciate what you wrote. I think I saw something about Meetups in the non-forum area of this site, but I haven't delved into that at all yet.