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    Hello everyone,
    I wanted to post a message to see if any one you could help me find out the cause of my female pattern hair loss. I've done some research and I have it personally pinpointed to stress, Loestrin 24, and thyroid, however, currently my blood does not reflect any problems.
    My hair loss has generally progressed over the last 10 years. The only thing that has remained constant during that time is regular highlighting every 10 weeks.
    Three years ago, I went to law school, was on birth control, (Ortho-low) and started experiencing depression, loss of libido, and extreme hair loss. Now, my stress level was definitely high, maybe a little higher than normal, but I had never experienced such hair loss from the sides of my head! I cried every day and was just an emotional wreck. I left school, moved back home, and started another school for my MBA. The loss slowed down, but I never regrew hair.
    I switched from Ortho-low to Yaz, and eventually stopped birth control altogether. After a few months, I started Loestrin 24 and became even more emotionally distraught, having absolutely no libido or desire to do anything. I then had blood work done, revealing a hypoactive thyroid. I've been on Synthroid for over a year now, and those levels are "normal." I also quit taking Loestrin this August because I read that it could cause the exact symptoms I've been experiencing.
    I've had blood work done in the last 6 months, multiple times and everything checks out. However, my hair will not grow, keeps breaking, and is extremely broom like to the point where I can't even curl it anymore. The side loss is awful, you can see my scalp. I've stopped using hair bands, drying my hair, etc.
    I've gone to a dermatologist who tested me for ferritin, which came back normal, and told me that unfortunately I may just be the first in my fam to have FPB. She recommended a scalp biopsy, but really wasn't helpful.
    What should I do? I am obsessed with this because obviously women value their hair, and I just need to get to the bottom of the cause. Please help!!

    P.S. I am 26, back in law school, and a runner.
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    I am no expert but just someone in teh same battle. I have beed having increased hair loss for years now. First I was told it was probably stress related because I completed a masters program. I didnt buy that b/c I have been stressed before and no hair loss and my hair loss started well after I completed school. Next doctor said "I have enough hair left" and sent me on my way. Next doctor thought it was due to low ferritin so I fixed that but only slight change in hair loss. I then took a hair genetic test to see if its hereditary hair loss known as androgenic alopecia. My dr. just confimred that for me. I suspect that this was triggered by my 10 month use of loestrin 24 which is a highly androgenic pill. You too have used it so you may want to get the genetic test too. Its expensive (maybe $300-$400) but at least I now know what it is. You also mentioned you are a runner. I used to run but stopped b/c I thought it was causing hair loss. check your iron ferritin\ since many runners use up iron fertitin stores....it should be 70-100. You also mentioned thyroid issues. Are you off meds...I read thyroid meds can also cause hair loss.
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    Just joined, I'm 24 with androgenetic alopecia...I've had it for about 6 years. Have you ever tried spironolactone? For me, its helped stabilize the hair loss. I also am the first to have it in my family...
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    laurzie1987 welcome to the site. I also have fpb triggered by a short term use of a highly androgenic birth control pill about 3 years ago. How do you know you have androgenic alopecia? Have you ruled everything else out? I havent tried medicines. I dont want any of the side effects that come with it. How long have you been on spiro? Have you noticed any side effects? I have read alot of people us it with rogaine so spiro stabilizes hair loss and use rogaine for regrowth.
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    Hi NYCGirlie

    I had a scalp biopsy to determine my fpb; when I was first exhibiting signs and went to my dermatologist, he suggest PCOS. An ultrasound ultimately ruled that out, not to mention I don't have the body type. I also have normal levels of androgen for a woman.

    I did have horrible acne as teenager and at 15 was put on Accutane for about 5 months. That drug--among other rather horrific side effects---is showing to now cause hair loss. Also, my father has prostate cancer and he's young to have it...which does seem to suggest some sort of defect in the androgen gene which I inherited, however he does not have any hair loss.

    No clear cut answer :(.

    I have absolutely no side effects on spiro....if I don't take it, I notice a bit more acne, but that's it. I've been on it for about 5 years. I'm also on orthonovum 777. And Rogaine...I think its a waste of time and money, honestly.

    Lately, I've been looking for toppers and trying to get a feel for what works for other women my age with this condition. I've talked with some great people who has alopecia areata, but their treatment, prognosis, and remedies can really differ from fpb.

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    You got it right...There's no clear cut answer! But I have come to realize you have to just take it as it comes. Im personally unsure about all the FDA approved medications like spiro and rogaine to treat fpb. If I get desperate I might try spiro but I am going the holistic route. Worst case scenario, they make good toppers and wigs nowadays so if you cant fix it, you can conceal it. Its hard dealing with this at a yong age. AA is very different AGA when looking for a topper or wig. They tend to buy full lace wigs or prosthetics which are fitted to a bald head. We are different. I dont know much about toppers but you should go to a few wig places to try some on and get info from them.
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    NYCgirlie My advice is to get a wig NOT a topper. I used toppers for years. They were worked into my hair at the beauty salon. They are pinned on and usually left on for a week. The result is a very messy scalp with all sorts of dark spots, etc. You certainly can never shave your head and go natural after that.

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    Nana- Was your topper glued on? Why did cause brown spots?? Wow I didnot know that. I was considering extensions since my hair doesnt look that bad right now. But I read mixed reviews about that causing hair loss and are lots of $$ and maintenance. I'd try a full lace wig as long as its not visible to anyone. Any suggestions on brands or salons?
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    Advice to NYCGirlie and anyone else Re: toppers

    NYCGirlie My experience with toppers was quite a while ago. I went to have it done every week at a hairdressers. They attached it to my hair with bobby pins. I left it on all week. Then had it washed and set and repeated the hair do. All I know is that it caused the hair that was thin to disappear entirely and wounded my scalp.

    I imagine there are better techniques around now but I think a light weight wig is a better option. That allows you to remove it and let your scalp breath while you are at home and especially for sleeping.

    I don't know your age or situation, but I was already married with 3 children when I started losing my hair.

    I hope this has been helpful. :>