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  1. I am 45 have have been tested for thyroid, etc. by my doctor. Seen a derm, she did a hair count but had no answer/it was some what normal. Suggested a scalp biopsy, but I don't think that will tell me much. How do you accept middle age hair thinning. I look very young except for this. Used to color my hair on my own, but my guy suggested using semi-perm ... it's costing me a fortune now with not great results. Anyone use Clairol Natural Instincts?? He suggested No Ammonia. I'm 50% grey he says but I think only 35%. thoughts?
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    Hi hon,
    I think getting a biopsy is a good idea. The more concrete answers you can get the better. There are many things that can cause hair loss, including getting older, but then again there are plenty of women out there that are 50 and older that still have a lot of hair.
    With the hair dyes, there is henna, which is a plant based dye. I've actually considered using it myself. I have to make sure that it doesn't contain any of the same chemicals that are in conventional dyes or I'll lose my hair in the process. Not something I particularly want.
    You can also go to a health food store where they have more gentle dyes for sale. That could work too. :>
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    I was spending a fortune on my hair too. I worked it out it was about $200 every six weeks for vitamin, color, cuts, blah blah blah!!!!

    I got a human hair bonded topper which I pay $199 a month and it looks great and no worries.

    We are the same age and I have always looked younger as well, but the hair thing was aging me! I look 10 years younger now with the new hair and no one has notice that is isn't mine.

    I am a little different than most women. I suffered in silence and then jumped in without looking back.